10 September 2015 - Royal College of Psychiatrists

Movement Disorders Working Group Meeting,
Royal College of Psychiatrists, Rm 1.16 (5:30PM 10 Sept, 2015)
Attendees: Elvina Chu, Andrea Cavanna, Stefania Bruno, Rachel Thomasson, Kevin Foy,
David Okai, George El-Nimr
Apologies: Nora Turjanski, Gosia Raczek, David Craufurd, Anne-Marie Abe
1. EC opened the meeting and introductions were made.
2. GE fed back that a good number of flyers advertising the Movt Disorders Working
Grp that were picked up at the RCPsych AGM in June.
3. SB reminded everyone that the Biannual Birmingham Movt Disorders Course is
about to open for registration. She will liaise with RCPsych web page organisers to
have this link added to the working group’s page.
4. EC fed back regarding the submission for Movement Disorders Society conference:
There is no firm decision yet but the suggested contribution had been
5. Reason for last year’s organising committee rejecting the proposal was discussed –
mainly that topics too specialist and not appealing to the general psychiatrist.
6. The following topics for future presentation were suggested:
DO is about to publish rating scales for Parkinson’s disease.
Prof Tom Barnes who developed a scale for akathisia
KF suggested a summary for psychiatrists in how to measure executive
functioning, using the premise that simple is better.
SB suggested a professional updates course on Treatment of psychosis and
EPSEs i.e. iatrogenic movement disorders as there have been developments
that older generations of psychiatrists may be unaware of.
EC suggested frontal lobe injury as a case based presentation but the group
agreed that it would be difficult to tie this in with movement disorders.
AC felt functional movement disorders should be addressed and Dr Paul
Shotbolt might be a good speaker, DO sent him an SMS regarding this but the
group felt this topic would already be covered by others in more depth such
as Alan Carson’s popular training course that runs annually.
7. More catchy headings and titles were decided on and the format was broadly kept
the same as last year but “with a twist” to make it more general psychiatry friendly.
EC will complete forms before the 13.9.15 deadline and feedback to the group in due
course for the two proposed sessions as discussed.
Session A: The Brain on the Move
Chair – Dr Elvina Chu, St Andrew’s Healthcare
1. The psychiatry of Parkinson’s disease
Dr Gosia Raczek, Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
2. Challenging behaviour in movement disorders
Dr George El-Nimr, Consultant Neuropsychiatrist, Stoke on Trent combined partnership NHS
3. Tics, jerks and repetitive movements for psychiatrists
Prof Andrea Cavanna, Consultant Neuropsychiatrist Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health
NHS Foundation Trust
A review and update of advances in psychiatry of common movement disorders that are
regularly seen in general psychiatry. The learning objectives of this session are to enhance
the confidence of psychiatrists assessing and managing patients with psychiatric illness in
the context of movement disorder.
Session B: Evaluating Symptom Severity in Psychiatric Patients with Movement Disorder
Chair - George El-Nimr, Consultant Neuropsychiatrist at North Staffordshire Combined
Healthcare NHS Trust
1. Impulsive & compulsive behaviours in movement disorders
Dr David Okai, Consultant Neuropsychiatrist at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust
2. Identifying Movement Disorders and EPSEs
Dr Davide Martino, Consultant Neurologist, KCL (EC to discuss with proposed speaker)
3. Frontal lobe dysfunction in movement disorders (EC to find a speaker, Dr Mike Dilley
was suggested)
Supporting mental health professionals in gaining relevant knowledge and skills to evaluate
the severity of symptoms commonly encountered when reviewing patients with comorbid
movement disorders.
8. EC requested the group to consider how to run the January Working Groups Day. All
agreed that it would probably be suitable to run the schedule that had originally
been proposed to the RCPsych AGM last year in addition to bringing in posters of
research or audit work that group members had been involved in for general display
at the event.
9. GE confirmed that the next faculty conference programme will not be finalised until
Jan ’16 so there might still be opportunity for the group to have a time slot if the
RCPsych AGM were to turn down the proposed workshops again. Usually a decision
on their programme is made quickly by the end of October.
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