Subject: Policy on Playing tennis on weekday mornings: For

Subject: Policy on Playing tennis on weekday mornings:
For members who have tried to play tennis on weekday mornings, you will have noticed that
we do not have court attendants until 11AM.
It also means that court attendants cannot take court bookings before 11AM
We do so primarily for cost efficiency reasons. Few people play on weekday mornings and
your Club Executive did not think the situation warranted paying court attendants until
However, there will be times when courts 5-8 are all being used when you try to play in the
mornings. (Tennis camps use courts 1-4 during the week.)
Under those circumstances, the Club Policy is for the honor system to prevail. Everyone can
use the court for at least one hour, as if there were court attendants. However, beyond that,
the people who have been playing the longest should give way to those members who have
been waiting for a court.
The players who have vacated their court can wait, if they wish, and replace the next group to
have completed their one hour session.
We hope we can count on your courtesy and cooperation in making this system work.
As usual, we appreciate your feedback. We will take it into consideration when we revisit the
policy for next year.
Your Barrhaven Tennis Club Executive