Subject: June and July Classes at Prism Glass www

Subject: June and July Classes at Prism Glass
Dear Sharon,
Lead in a Day
Hope everyone is having fun gardening. We sure
have! Of course, our garden is often growing glass.
Stained Glass Panel Lamp
Melissa has been having fun creating some new
sample test pallets based on reactives. Stop in to
check them out, and yes, there are more to come.
Edgy Jewelry
I have been having fun helping some crafty artists
with their projects. Sometimes people just need a
little boost for one part of a process, and we always
enjoy accommodating, with a private session. These
are best accomplished during the daytime, by
appointment. Just call for details.
Christmas in July
Glass on Glass Mosaic
Inking Around
Birch Tree
Branch Out
Pot Stickers
Intro to Fusing
I will be traveling to San Antonio at the end of June for
my annual glass binge! Thanks for making my
"Understanding your Kiln" and "Edge Up Projects" so
popular. I will be sharing those classes with my Retail
Store peers, and while I'm at it, I will have the
opportunity to take some wonderful classes from
some National Teachers. Gil Reynolds, Diann
Sonnenberg, Laura Rendlen, Denny Berkery, Zoi
Sandy, and Jesse Baines. How fun.......and I can't
wait to bring all the new knowledge back to you.
Faux Woven Basket
Plaid Party
Of Coarse You Can!
Glass Cutting 101
Understanding Your Kiln
Beginning Stained Glass
Open Studio Time
By the way, we developed a fun new class in the
edgy technique. Check out the edgy pendants!
Ohhhhh, Shiny!
Credit Card Info
Twitter and Facebook
L E AD I N A D AY $ 10 5. 0 0
Plus, all of you that asked for Xmas ornaments in
July.......Here it comes.
Hope to see you soon!
Sharon and Melissa
Prism GlassWorks, Ltd.
This one-day, 5-hour class is a great
starter project. You will make a
leaded glass piece 8"x10" using
clear glass. Learn setting up your jig
for your lead frame, soldering on
lead, glazing and polishing. Limit 4
students. Beginning Stained Glass is
required. Cutting and soldering skills
Saturday, July 25th @ 11:00
S T AI N E D G L AS S PAN E L L AM P $1 90. 0 0 pl us gl a ss
In this two week class you will use a ready-made
lampshade frame to make a panel for a lamp. The
photo is showing the versatility of this four sided
framing system. We have done stained, fused, and
mosaic projects to complete the panels.
The distance from the table to the bottom of the
frame is 16". The height of the shade is 7". The total
width of one panel is 15". A perfect size for a table.
In your class you will use your stained glass copper
foil skills to make one of the sides. Our instruction will
include showing you how the framing system works,
helping you set up a lamp panel jig, and providing
you with sample designs. If you are interested
in creating your own design, stop in a week or so
before class so we can give you a template.
Class includes the lamp base and shade system,
consumables like foil, solder, and patina,
and instruction needed to complete one panel. You
will need to purchase your glass prior to the beginning of the class. Once you know the
process, you will be able to finish at home, or you can rent shop time and work on it here.
($12.50 hr)
Thursday, June 11th and 18th @ 5:30
C H RI S TM AS I N JUL Y FU S ED O R N AM E N TS $9 5. 0 0
Get an early start on your Holiday gift making! The
holidays are only just around the corner!
Create ornaments for your Holiday events. Firing
and materials are included. Use frit, scraps, dots,
and your creativity to make some beautiful
decorations and/or gifts. You may create as many
as can fit on our black tray, up to 8 ornaments.
Create turkeys, trees, pumpkins, leaves,
diamonds, balls, snowmen, santas, and more!
Previous fusing and basic cutting skills are
required to register.
Tuesday, July 28th @ 6:00
EDGY JEWELRY $65.00 for three
"Just for Fun"
Enjoy a relaxing couple hours creating some very
unique and shiny pendants in the edgy style. We will
supply all the transparent colored and clear glass,
your choice of dichro slide, two firings, and
instructions for three beautiful pendants. If you want
to bring a beverage, please do. No previous
experience required.
Tuesday, July 7th @ 6:00
G L AS S O N G L AS S MO S AI C $ 12 5. 0 0
During this class, you will make a 10x12 inch "glass on
glass" mosaic. Choose from our patterns or design your
own. This project teaches the direct method. Most
materials provided, including the frame. Cutting skills are
highly recommended, but not required. This project
cannot be finished in a few hours, so there will be
homework. *Grout session will be scheduled during class.
Saturday, June 6th @ 11:00
I NKI NG AR O UN D - F U N WI TH AL C O HO L I N KS $5 5. 0 0
Just For Fun!
In this "Just for Fun" class, you'll learn how
to use alcohol inks in a variety of different
ways. Make great backgrounds for photos,
create your own paper, make decorative
ceramic tiles, even incorporate it into your
glass projects. You will walk away with
several examples on ceramic tile of this
beautiful art and will have the knowledge to
continue creating your own artwork at
home. Melissa has spent many hours
testing, learning, testing, and learning, so
she can point you in the right direction on
your Ink journey. She shares the tricks,
and the No No's to help you be successful
without spending a huge amount of
money! We will have frames and display
items for purchase if you wish to show off
your work!
Tuesday, July 14th @ 6:00
B I R C H TR EE, FU SE D P AN E L $8 5. 0 0
Just for Fun
Create a 8 x 12" birch tree scene on a dark background
and watch the magic happen. You can choose the season
just by switching up the colors of the falling leaves. You
will learn a couple techniques for coloring the trunks and
the background to acquire the illusion of depth. These
panels are not quite full fused so as to keep
their texture! They may be displayed on a table or plate
stand. This project is so cool that some people are doing it
more than once!
All materials and one firing included. We will have fun!
Saturday, June 13th @ 1:30
B R AN C H O U T - TRE E O F PI E CE S $ 75. 0 0
Just For Fun!
Grow your skills creating this beautiful fused tree from
all those mini pieces of fusible glass that we have at the
bottom of our class bin. We will provide all the
materials, show you samples, and guide you thru the
process. We will fire your 10 " round project. Stand not
Tuesday, June 16th @ 6:00
Just for Fun!
Get your garden started with these sturdy, fused glass
stakes. You will make three 9 1/2 inch stakes,
decorated to suit your planters, gardens, or pots! We
will provide clear glass bases, and small glass pieces,
dots, noodles and stringers for embellishments. Precuts will be available for purchase. We will also demo
how to label your stakes using "after fire" paint markers.
Tuesday, June 9th @ 6:00
I N TRO D U C TI O N TO F U SI NG - FU S ED P E ND AN T $ 9 5. 00
This is one our most popular beginning
classes! Formal instruction and all materials
are included in this professional introduction
to glass fusing.! We open with a 45 minute
lecture with "show and tell" about the basic
concepts of glass fusion theory. Then, you
will create 10 glass cabochons that you may
make into pendants or magnets. Prism will
fire your pieces and they will be available for
pick up a few days later. Basic bails are
included. No experience required. Glass
Cutting 101 is recommended, but not
required. (Private party arrangements and
accommodations for larger groups)
Saturday, June 20th @ 1:00
F AU X WO V EN B AS K E T $ 75. 00 pl u s gl a ss
This 11" square basket would look great on
any table, and is fairly easy to build. You just
need to select two complimentary colors, cut
your strips and assemble!The spaces in
between are empty and create a basketweave
effect. We have other samples in other colors
in the studio for your viewing pleasure. This
class always fills very quickly, so don't hesitate!
Saturday, July 11th @ 12:30
P L AI D P AR TY $ 55. 0 0
Because you asked for it!
We've come up with a mini class to
introduce you to the plaid technique. The
plaid effects that were created when
Melissa did all her color studies attracted
so much attention that we have developed
a 6" version that will teach you the
technique! We will provide instruction, one
firing, clear glass, and a rainbow of colors
for your first experience. These babies
really glow, stop in to take a peek! Since
we are doing the technical part of the
fusing process, you can join us if you have
never fused. All materials and flat firing
included. We can slump it into a bowl for
you for $15.00 extra.
Tuesday, July 21st @ 6:00
O F CO AR S E YO U C AN ! $ 7 5. 0 0
Just for Fun!
Everyone wants to make something big and
shiny! Well here is your chance to create
dynamic art on a large fused project that requires
no experience! In this 2 hour workshop you will
use Coarse Frit (glass chips) to create a simple
design using our wide selection of patterns. We
will do all the hard cutting, and will include the
kiln firing and all glass! You do the artwork!
Stands not included.
Tuesday, June 2nd @ 6:00
G L AS S C U TTI NG 10 1 $ 45
This is where it all starts! Glass cutting is the basic skill that
is required for most glass media projects. During this skills
class you will learn the theory of glass cutting including tools,
safety, pattern cutting, and grinding. Whether you are doing
stained glass, mosaics, or plan on fusing, classes are
geared towards the needs of the students. By the end, you
will have cut straight pieces, circles, and everything in
between. You will have use of our tools during class. No
experience necessary.
Saturday, June 20th @ 10:30
Thursday, July 9th @ 5:30
U N D ER S T AN D I NG YO U R KI L N $ 45. 00
This seminar is great for anyone who owns or plans on owning a kiln.
We will discuss ordering, setup, testing and running your kiln. There will
be special emphasis on programming, care, and shelf materials. There
will be a Q & A session to help with individual needs. It's a great learning
experience for all you "firing newbie's", or a great refresher for current
kiln owners. Session lasts about 2 hours. Reservations required.
Saturday, June 13th @ 10:30
B EG I N NI NG S T AI N E D G L AS S $ 17 5. 00
8 X 10 Orientation PROJECT
In this 3 class session you will learn to cut,
foil, grind, solder and frame a stained glass
panel. Although the project is small, it will
work you thru each step of the entire
process, and most students will continue
developing skills in their own home studio.
You will choose from one of 8 patterns for
your first experience. We will provide all the
tools, instruction, and clear glass you need
to complete your first project. You may
purchase colors separately. Choose a
pattern and your glass prior to the class.
$25 deposit to secure your space. Four
Students, Three sessions. Aprox 3.5 hrs
per session.
Our summer class will be a bit different. We
will hold the first two classes on Thursday
evenings, and the third class will be on a
Thursday, July 9th, July 16th @ 5:30 and Saturday, July 18th @ 11:00
Our Open Studio time on Tues, Wed and Fri has been a great success! Need to get some
projects finished? Call us to schedule time between 12:30 and 4 and we will do our best to
accommodate you! Pricing will vary based on the projects you choose.
Also remember, we rent out our kilns for those of you who want to make your pieces at
home. The large oval is $100. Our smaller kilns are $35 and $45. Call to reserve a kiln!
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