Graduation announcement etiquette

Etiquette Tips for Sending Graduation Announcements By Paula Pranger
Top Four Graduation Announcement Tips
Graduating from high school or college is a significant achievement in a young
person's life.This time honored tradition is worthy of admiration and celebration
among friends, family and neighbors. Keep in mind the following tips when
sending your graduation announcements. There is protocol to be followed and
there are considerations to be made.
1. Your announcements and invitations should be addressed by hand. I am
continually disappointed when I receive a special invitation or announcement that
lacks the personal touch of a hand written address. Protocol requires the use of
formal titles on the outer envelope (Mr., Mrs., Dr., John Smith). The inner
envelope should have the familiar name of the recipient. (Uncle John and Aunt
2. Take into consideration the current relationship you have with the recipient.
Friends, neighbors and relatives want to know about your achievements,
however; they do not want to feel like part of a fundraising campaign. If they do
not make your annual holiday card list then you probably should not send a
graduation announcement. It is appropriate to write "No gifts, please" at the
bottom of the announcement or invitation if you are sending it to someone that
you do not have strong relations with. An announcement does not require a gift.
On the other hand, if you are attending a graduation party a gift is expected.
I was impressed by a recent announcement I received from a distant relative.
The mother wrote five sentences on a piece of paper that she included with her
son's announcement. She told us where her son was going to college, what he
was going to study, how the other family members were doing and how much
she wished we saw each other more often. BRAVO! I was flattered by the
personalization and I never felt like they were just fishing for a gift. (I did choose
to send a gift)
3. Mail your announcements two weeks prior to graduation or no later than two
weeks after. It is nice to include a senior photo; especially to friends and family
members you do not see often. Our children change so much over the years.
Seeing an updated photo adds a personal touch to your announcement.
4. Last, but never least, proper etiquette requires the graduate send a
handwritten thank-you note to anyone who sends or brings a gift. The time frame
for a thank-you note is preferably within one week and no later than four weeks
after receiving a gift. Making a list of every gift received will help prevent any
Happy celebrating and congratulations to all the graduates!
Paula Pranger is the President of Peachtree Etiquette, LLC ® to contact her call
404-578-1129 or email at [email protected]
For information on Peachtree Etiquette, LLC ® go to
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