Guided Notes-Gel Electrophoresis

What does gel electrophoresis do?
What moves a further distant through
the gel?
What is an agarose gel?
What is agarose gel submerged in?
What is agarose placed in salt solution?
Why is a blue dye (loading dye) added to
DNA samples?
What is the charge on DNA?
What makes DNA the charge above?
What pole does DNA move toward in the
electrophoresis chamber?
How are DNA fragments separated by
size in agarose gel?
What is the purpose of ethidium
What are markers (ladders)?
What other molecule can be separated
using the gel electrophoresis technique?
Do you place your DNA at the positive or
negative end of Gel?
What happens to DNA strands of the
same length?
What are bands on a DNA gel?
What is the first step in gel
What do you need to make a gel?
What do you mix together?
What does the buffer do?
Where is the mixture placed?
What is second step?
After gel solidifies what do you do?
What is the next step?
What should be the level of the buffer?
What is the next step?
What is needed to load DNA into wells?
What is the next step?
The black end has what charge?
The red end has what charge?
Which charge goes closest to the well?
What should you check for to ensure
your gel is running?
What do you actually see running
through the gel?
What is used to stain the gel?
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