Meeting Agenda

Massachusetts Wind Working Group
April 30, 2015, 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Aeronautica Windpower, Plymouth, MA
2:00 – 2:10
Welcome & Announcements
Brian Kuhn, Aeronautica Windpower
Jody Lally, UMass Wind Energy Center
2:10 – 2:25
Wind Siting Regulations and Guidelines in New England: A brief roundup
Deborah Donovan, Sustainable Energy Advantage
2:25 – 2:55
A consideration of the potential for increased cooperation on offshore
wind among the Northeast States
Warren Leon, Clean Energy States Alliance
2:55 – 3:15
A report on the work of Offshore Wind: Massachusetts, LLC (OSWMA) a
new trade association created to advocate for and promote the
development of offshore wind off of the coast of Massachusetts through
policy initiatives and industry collaboration
Matt Morrissey, OSWMA
3:15 – 4:00
A presentation by Vineyard Power and Offshore MW on the Community
Benefit Agreement & winning a commercial wind energy lease in the MA
offshore wind energy area; next steps in the offshore wind development
process & legislation
Erich Peckar and Richard Andre, Vineyard Power Cooperative
Erich Stephens, Offshore MW
Thanks to Aeronautica Windpower and to our sponsoring organization, Massachusetts Clean Energy
Meeting Logistics
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The presentations will be posted on the MWWG web page
The Massachusetts Wind Working Group (MWWG) provides a forum for wind energy stakeholders to promote
smart and successful wind energy development in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Specifically, the MWWG
aims to: identify barriers and opportunities related to the development of wind energy; create solutions to
industry challenges; promote the public understanding of modern wind power and its benefits and impacts;
provide a forum for discussion about best practices and other relevant topics for the industry; provide an
opportunity for wind energy stakeholders to collaborate on important issues; and create connections between
wind energy and other sectors to foster job creation and economic development in Massachusetts.