Employee / Contractor Handbook

Last Updated: 12/05/2012
The Employee Handbook describes the current employment policies and benefits of Lexicon Solutions
regarding temporary employees in a summary format. If you have questions, please contact your manager.
This Handbook does not guarantee continued employment with Lexicon Solutions nor does it constitute a
contract for employment or benefits. Just as each employee retains the right to resign employment, Lexicon
Solutions retains the right to terminate the employment relationship in its discretion at any time, with or
without cause, reason, or notice. Due to the dynamics of employee relations administration, parts of this
Handbook may be revised, changed, or deleted at any time.
The policies and procedures described in this Employee Handbook are applicable to all Lexicon Solutions
temporary employees, unless different policies and procedures have been communicated in writing by a
senior company officer to the applicable employees.
This Handbook is intended solely as a guide and does not create a contract between the Company
and any of its employees.
Employment Policies and Procedures
Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
It is the policy of Lexicon Solutions to be an equal opportunity employer. Employment and advancement
opportunities are open to qualified applicants and employees without regard to race, color, sex, age, marital
status, religion, national origin or ancestry, citizenship, handicap or disability, veteran's status, or any other
characteristic protected by federal, state, or local law. In addition, Lexicon Solutions complies with
applicable state and local laws governing nondiscrimination in every company location and facility.
Policy against Harassment
Lexicon Solutions does not discriminate against its employees on the basis of sex, and it is the policy of
Lexicon Solutions to attempt to ensure that sexual harassment does not occur. Sexual harassment is
defined to include:
Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual
nature when (1) submission to such conduct is made either explicitly or implicitly a term or condition of an
individual's employment, (2) Quid pro quo - submission to or rejection of such conduct by an individual is
used as the basis for employment decisions affecting such individual, or (3) such conduct has the purpose
or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual's work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile
or offensive work environment.
Employees aware of any violation of this policy must report the circumstances to a Lexicon Solutions
supervisor or Lexicon Solutions manager. Reports of sexual harassment will be completely investigated in a
timely manor, and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.
If the results of the investigation confirm that the offense likely occurred, immediate disciplinary action up to
and including discharge will be taken against the person violating this policy.
Lexicon Solutions prohibits any form of illegal retaliation against any employee for filing a complaint under
this policy or for assisting in an investigation
Employment Classification
For purposes of salary administration, eligibility for overtime payments, and certain employee benefits, your
job at Lexicon Solutions is classified into one of the following category:
Category I
Internal employees only
Category II
Contractually exempt or salaried employees scheduled longer than 6 months
in duration for contract positions
Category III
Hired to work on an hourly basis are scheduled, typically, for a period of six
months or less as temporary employees, for the term of the employee’s
contract or in Lexicon Solutions’ discretion. “Category III employees are not
Last Updated: 12/05/2012
eligible for PTO unless explicitly stated in the Employee Contract
If you voluntarily decide to resign from your employment with Lexicon Solutions, we request that you give
the company at least 5 days (business days) notice in advance of your intended date of termination. Such
notice should be given in writing to your Lexicon Solutions Account Manager. This will facilitate the
necessary transition of your job responsibilities. At its sole discretion, Lexicon Solutions may require or
permit the employee to leave prior to the end of the 5-day period. You will be paid for all hours actually
All Category II & III employees that complete a job assignment or contract are required to contact
Lexicon Solutions within 24 hours or the next business day. Failure to do so as well as failure to
accept a suitable assignment offered will be regarded as a voluntary termination, and may place any
due unemployment benefits in jeopardy.
General Rules of Conduct
The success of our company depends upon your conduct, pride, courtesy, helpfulness, attitude and
contribution to the company and its mission. Any group of people who work together must abide by a code
of conduct.
All of Lexicon Solutions employees are expected to maintain professional behavior at all times, especially
while in the work place. The types of behavior which are considered unacceptable and may result in
corrective or disciplinary actions are as follows:
Falsifying employment or company records or documents, time cards, or documents of a Lexicon
Solutions client.
Physical harassment of fellow employees, fighting or using obscene, abusive, or threatening language
or gestures with employees, visitors, or customers.
Transportation on company premises of weapons in a personal vehicle while on company business
Use, sale, distribution, possession, or reporting to work under the influence of illegal substances (or
abuse of prescription drugs) or alcoholic beverages while on company or a client’s property or while
using company property.
Violation of safety or security regulations.
Gambling on Company property.
Inappropriate or excessive use of company resources, and or misappropriation, misuse, or destruction
of company or a client’s supplies, money, materials, equipment, or other property.
Stealing theft or defacing the Company's, a Client’s, or fellow employee's property.
Negligence or incompetence.
Leaving work without permission (except during lunch breaks)
Possession of morally questionable content on company premises
Failing to maintain the confidentiality of company, client, contractor or customer information.
Excessive tardiness or absenteeism, or failure to follow appropriate procedures for reporting absences
or tardiness.
Discriminatory or harassing actions.
Violation of rules of the Lexicon Solutions Client for whom the employee works.
Use of verbally offensive or derogatory language, and or shouting and yelling at peak volumes.
Unsatisfactory job performance or interruption of the work of others.
Intentional interruption of co-workers scheduled activities.
Excessively long lunch time breaks without justification.
Socializing to the extent that it interferes with office productivity should be avoided
Un-wanted physical conduct and or Sexual Harassment
Should your performance, work habits, conduct or demeanor become unsatisfactory in the judgment of
Lexicon Solutions, you will be subject to corrective action, up to and including termination.
Information Systems Acceptable Use Policy for Employees
1. Introduction
Lexicon Solutions’ acceptable Use Policy is in effect to ensure that all employees understand the guide
lines which outline the proper use of Information Systems.
The following are violations of Lexicon Solutions’ acceptable use policies:
Last Updated: 12/05/2012
2.1 Using Lexicon Solutions or Lexicon Solutions Client Company Information Systems for illegal
purposes or in support of illegal activities. Lexicon Solutions reserves the right to cooperate with
legal authorities and/or injured third parties in the investigation of any suspected crime or civil
wrong. Activities which are prohibited as potentially illegal include, but are not limited to:
Unauthorized copying of copyrighted material including, but not limited to
digitization and distribution of photographs from magazines, books, or other
copyrighted sources, and copyrighted software.
Exporting software or technical information in violation of U.S. Export control
Posting or emailing of scams such as ‘make money fast' schemes or
‘Pyramid/Chain’ letters
Threatening bodily harm or property damage to individuals or groups.
Making fraudulent offers of products, items, or services originating from
Lexicon Solutions’ Information Systems.
Attempting to access the accounts of others, or attempting to penetrate security
measures of Lexicon Solutions’ or Lexicon Solutions Client’s Information
Systems (“hacking”), whether or not the intrusion results in corruption or loss of
The unauthorized use of person’s name or likeness.
Harassing others by ‘mail-bombing’ or ‘news-bombing’. ‘Mail-bombing’ constitutes sending
more the ten(10) similar mail messages to the same email address. ‘News bombing’
constitutes sending more than 10mb of data to a newsgroup.
Sending unsolicited electronic mail (email) messages where the recipient objects
to the content of the message or to the receipt of the message in general is also
prohibited under this section. Employees acknowledge that they are expressly prohibited from utilizing
Lexicon Solutions’ Information Systems equipment in connection with
sending of the same or substantially similar unsolicited email message
whether commercial or not, to a large number of recipients. This
prohibition extends to the sending of unsolicited mass mailings from
another service which in any way implicates the use of Lexicon
Solutions’ or Lexicon Solutions Client’s Information Systems equipment
or any Lexicon Solutions or Lexicon Solutions Client email address(es). Employee specifically agrees and understands that he/she is
Found to be responsible for any of these acts that they may be
terminated at Lexicon Solutions’ discretion. Lexicon Solutions at its sole
discretion shall determine whether such violations were willful or
unintentional. These provisions shall not prevent Lexicon Solutions from
seeking to obtain other legal remedies against the employee including
other damages or an injunction.
2.4 Revealing your account password to others or allowing use of your account by others.
2.4.1 At no time can there be simultaneous use of the same username and
password combination.
2.5 Forging any message header, in part or whole, of any electronic transmission, originating or
passing through Lexicon Solutions’ or Lexicon Solutions Client’s Information Systems.
Last Updated: 12/05/2012
2.6 Distributing viruses to or from Lexicon Solutions’ or Lexicon Solutions Client’s Information
2.7 Viewing of any and all types of pornographic or sexually explicit material. Viewing this material
through any Uniform Resource Locater Address (Web Site Address) on the Internet or World Wide
Web. Viewing pornographic or sexually explicit material through any and all types of downloadable
files or files retrieved from removable or unremovable media or peripheral devices (i.e., floppy disk,
Zip disk, CD Rom, hard drive, removable hard drive) is expressly forbidden.
3. Lexicon Solutions assumes no liability
Lexicon Solutions has no practical ability to restrict all conduct, communications or content which
might violate this policy prior to its transmission on Lexicon Solutions’ or Lexicon Solutions Client’s
Information Systems, nor can Lexicon Solutions ensure prompt removal of any such
communications or content after transmission or posting. Accordingly Lexicon Solutions does not
assume liability to employees or others for any failure to enforce the terms of this policy.
4. Revisions to this Policy
Lexicon Solutions reserves the right to modify this Policy at any time. Notice of modifications to this
policy may be given to employees by posting such changes through electronic mail conventional,
interoffice mail, or web posted version on the company’s intranet.
Attendance and Punctuality
Lexicon Solutions and its employees are proud to consistently serve our clients in a timely and efficient
manner. Therefore, your attendance and punctuality are very important. Lexicon Solutions expects all
employees to assume diligent responsibility for their attendance and promptness. Please notify your direct
supervisor, and then promptly inform Lexicon Solutions of any absence or expected tardiness. When you
first are starting an assignment, it is your responsibility to ask for a contact phone number if you need to alert
your supervisor or department manager of your situation if you will miss any work.
Because excessive absenteeism and lateness interferes with the service to our clients and places an unfair
burden upon co-workers, it will not be tolerated. Those who are excessively absent or late in the judgment
of the Company will be subject to corrective action, up to and including termination.
An employee must personally report each lateness and absence directly to his or her Lexicon
Solutions Account Manager in advance of the designated start time. You must call your Lexicon
Solutions Account Manager each day of absence unless you have been granted an authorized medical
leave. Absences not reported to a Lexicon Solutions Account Manager may result in corrective action, up to
and including termination. Unreported absence of three consecutive days may be deemed a voluntary
resignation of your employment and job abandonment.
Dress Code
An emphasis on quality and professionalism are among the traits that distinguish Lexicon Solutions from
other companies in our industry. As representatives of our company, all employees are expected to dress in
appropriate business attire at all times. You should use good judgment in the choice of your work clothes
worn at the office and when representing the company at any location. Generally business casual is
acceptable, except when participating in events where a client’s representative(s) may be attending on the
premises. Please remember that tattered, torn, pre-ripped, factory “excessively worn” conditioned jeans,
cut-offs (pants converted to shorts), and halter/tank tops are considered to be poor discretion. This applies
to all employees.
Based on customer contact and other business-related requirements, some employees may adopt dress
requirements specific to their needs. Ask your Lexicon Solutions Account Manager about specific
requirements for your position.
Your failure to abide by the dress standards established by the company or your Lexicon Solutions Account
Manager may result in corrective action, including disciplinary action up to and including termination. You
may also be sent home from work to change into appropriate attire before returning to work.
Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace
Lexicon Solutions (the "company") believes a drug-free workplace enhances the safety of our employees,
our clients, and the general public, enhances employee productivity, and ensures the quality of our products
and service. The sale, use, or possession of alcohol, narcotics, drugs, or controlled substances (other than
medication prescribed by a doctor where the employee’s supervisor is notified of the prescription) while on
the job, on company property, or in or on a company vehicle or other company equipment is strictly
Last Updated: 12/05/2012
prohibited, as is working under the effects of such substances. Employees, who violate this policy, and the
procedures described in this policy summary, are subject to discipline, up to and including termination.
Submitting to drug and alcohol testing under the procedures described in this policy summary, and passing
testing conducted under this policy, are conditions of employment. An employee’s reasonable consumption
of alcohol at company-sponsored events or as otherwise permitted by the company is not a violation of this
“Alcohol” means ethanol, isopropanol, or methanol.
“Drugs” means marijuana, cocaine, opiates, phencyclidine (PCP), amphetamine, and substances
specified in Schedule I or Schedule II of the Controlled Substances Act, 21 U.S.C. § 811, et seq.
“Employee” means any compensated employee, including officers, directors, and supervisors.
“Sample” means urine, blood, breath, saliva, hair, or other substances from the person being
tested, as designated by the company.
Drug and Alcohol Testing.
Individuals Subject to Testing and the Circumstances under Which Testing May Be
Prospective employees are subject to testing for the presence of drugs, and current employees are subject
to testing for the presence of drugs and alcohol. The company may test prospective and current employees
under the following circumstances:
Job Applicants. All applicants considered for a job opening, including former
employees, current employees transferring to another position, and employees returning from a
leave, may be tested for the presence of drugs as part of the application process. If the applicant’s
drug test is positive, the applicant will not be considered for employment.
Reasonable Suspicion. The company may test employees suspected of violating
the company’s drug-free workplace policy where such condition may adversely affect the
employee’s job performance or the work environment.
Random Testing. The company may, in its discretion, periodically perform
unannounced random drug and alcohol tests of employees or groups of employees. During these
random tests, the company may test a sample of employees, a group of employees at one or more
facility, or all employees.
Post-Accident Testing. Any employee who is involved in a work-related injury or
accident whom the company reasonably believes may have contributed to the accident may be
required to submit to a drug and alcohol test as soon as practicable after the accident.
Additional Testing. Additional testing also may be done as required by state,
federal, or local law; for any job-related purpose consistent with business necessity; to investigate
possible individual employee impairment; to maintain the safety of employees, customers, clients,
and the public; to maintain productivity, quality of products and services, security of property and
information; and as deemed necessary by the company. If federal, state, or local law requires
testing, the company may test pursuant to that law even if the testing procedures under that law do
not conform to all of the provisions of this policy, and other company policies may describe testing
required under federal, state, or local law. If an employee tests positive and continues as an
employee, the employee may be required to undergo additional periodic testing as a condition of
continued employment.
Testing Procedures.
All prospective and current employees asked to submit to a drug or alcohol test
will be asked to sign a form consenting to the test. Failure to submit to a drug or alcohol test under this
policy will be grounds for discipline, up to and including dismissal.
Prior to any drug or alcohol test, prospective or current employees have the right
to notify the person performing the test of any information that may be considered relevant to the test,
including the identification of currently or recently used prescription or nonprescription drugs or other
relevant medical information.
Last Updated: 12/05/2012
Drug and alcohol testing normally will occur during or immediately before or after
an employee’s regularly scheduled work period. For current employees, time spent engaging in the test will
be considered work time for the purposes of compensation and benefits.
The company will pay all costs associated with any drug or alcohol testing of
current employees under this policy, and it reserves the right to require prospective employees to pay for
drug testing under this policy. ,In addition, the company will reimburse current employees for reasonable
transportation costs if the required test is conducted at a location other than the employee’s normal work
Prospective and current employees subject to testing may be required to provide
picture identification to the person conducting the test.
The following is a list of the substances as to which the company may test as of
August 1, 1998. If this list changes in the future, prospective or current employees subject to testing will be
provided with an updated list of substances prior to any testing.
Amphetamines (Amphetamine; Methamphetamine)
Cannabinoids (THC-COOH; marijuana)
Cocaine Metabolite(Benzoylecgonine)
Opiates (Codeine; Morphine)
Phencyclidine (PCP)
The procedure for collecting testing samples will be given to employees prior to
submitting to any test under this policy.
Samples will be tested using an Enzyme-Multiplied Immunoassay Technique
(EMIT). Positive drug test results will be confirmed using a different chemical process than was used in the
original drug test. The second or confirmatory drug test will be a chromatographic technique such as gas
chromatography-mass spectrometry or another comparably reliable analytical method. If these tests
change, employees will be notified of the change prior to submitting to a drug or alcohol test.
Employee Rights.
In addition to any other rights discussed in this policy, employees have the following rights with regard to
drug and alcohol testing under this policy:
Upon request, employees have the right to obtain the written test results of any drug or
alcohol test.
Upon request, employees have the right to explain, in a confidential setting, a positive test
To the extent practicable, the Company will maintain the confidentiality of the results of
drug and alcohol testing. The Company may use the test results, and any
communications received in connection with the testing, to make employment decisions
regarding the tested employee. The Company also may disclose the test results: (1) to
the tested employee or prospective employee or any other person designated in writing by
that employee or prospective employee; (2) to individuals the Company designates to
receive and evaluate test results or hear the explanation of the employee or prospective
employee; (3) to an arbitrator, mediator, court, and/or governmental agency as authorized
by state or federal law; (4) in any proceeding related to the drug testing or the employee’s
employment with the Company; or (5) as otherwise allowed by law.
Potential Disciplinary Action.
Upon violation of this policy, on receipt of a positive drug test or alcohol impairment test result that indicates
a violation of the Company’s drug-free workplace policy, or if a prospective or current employee refuses to
provide a drug testing or alcohol impairment testing sample, the Company may, in its discretion, use the
violation of the policy, the test result, or test refusal as the basis for taking any disciplinary action, including
the following:
Suspension of the employee, with or without pay, for a designated period of time.
Last Updated: 12/05/2012
Termination of employment.
Refusal to hire a prospective employee.
Any questions regarding this policy should be directed to Lexicon Solutions management.
Open Door Policy-Problem Resolution Procedure
Lexicon Solutions has an open door policy for the effective communication between employees to freely
discuss matters of mutual concern. Such issues may include any matter which is of serious concern to the
employee, including corrective actions, promotions, work schedules, performance appraisals, sexual
harassment, or other forms of discrimination or harassment. Most incidents will be resolved through effective
employee interaction. However, should a problem persist that you believe is detrimental to you or Lexicon
Solutions, you should follow the procedure described below to bring your complaint to management's
STEP 1: Discussion of the problem with your Lexicon Solutions Account Manager. If you feel
a discussion with your Lexicon Solutions Account Manager would be unproductive or
Inappropriate, you may proceed directly to “Step2”.
STEP 2: If your problem is not resolved after discussion with your Lexicon Solutions Account Manager or if
you feel discussion with your Lexicon Solutions Account Manager is inappropriate, you are
encouraged to request a meeting with the next level of management. In an effort to resolve the
problem, this manager will consider the facts, may conduct an investigation, and may review the
matter with other members of management. You should receive a prompt response regarding your
problem soon after the meeting.
STEP 3: If you are not satisfied with the decision of the next level of management and wish to pursue the
problem or complaint further, you may prepare a written summary of your concerns and request
that the matter be reviewed by senior management. After examination of the facts you will be
promptly advised of a decision.
Lexicon Solutions does not tolerate retaliation against employees who use this procedure. The Open Door
Policy should not be construed, however, as preventing, limiting, or delaying Lexicon Solutions from taking
corrective action against any employee where necessary, up to and including termination.
Personal Phone Calls
Lexicon Solutions recognizes that employees may need to communicate with family members or conduct
arrangements for personal matters during the work day. However, office and client telephones are to be
used only for the transaction of company or client business, or for personal emergency reasons. In an
emergency dial 9-1-1 and request assistance for the nature of the emergency so that emergency response
providers may be dispatched in a timely manner. Personal phone calls during work hours should be kept to
a minimum. Company or client telephones can be used only with your Lexicon Solutions Account Manager's
permission and only to the geographic areas specifically permitted by your Lexicon Solutions Account
Manager. The placement of long distance calls by the employee for personal reasons or receipt of such
phone call via the company's toll-free (800) business line is strictly forbidden. Violation of these rules may
result in corrective action, up to and including termination.
Personal Visits
Personal visits during work hours interrupt productivity, distract other employees, and may expose
confidential information to visitors. Therefore, personal visits should be kept to a minimum, and are
discouraged by persons who pose a potential risk to the company, such as employees of a competitor. All
personal visitors are not allowed in work areas without a company escort.
Proprietary and Confidential Information
Lexicon Solutions has many valuable assets, including its employee relationships, physical property, trade
secrets, and confidential information. Company assets include trademarks, trade names, computer software
and data, technical and business know-how and expertise, and any information marked "confidential".
Without the prior written approval of Lexicon Solutions, an employee may not take any of the following
Sell, transfer, give, loan, or otherwise dispose of any company asset, other than in the ordinary
course of authorized company business;
Last Updated: 12/05/2012
Use any company asset (including any company personnel) for the benefit or profit of the employee
or any person outside of Lexicon Solutions; or
Disclose, directly or indirectly, any trade secret, confidential information, or other proprietary assets
to any person outside Lexicon Solutions or any person within Lexicon Solutions who does not need
to know the information.
Any employee aware of the loss, theft, misuse, or inappropriate disclosure of any company assets or
proprietary assets should immediately report it to his or her Lexicon Solutions Account Manager. Lexicon
Solutions Account Managers receiving such reports shall handle them in a careful and thorough manner and
immediately report all details to senior management.
Each employee who originates trade secret or confidential information must identify, clearly label as
"confidential," and appropriately handle all such information. However, the lack of a specific "confidential"
legend does not waive Lexicon Solutions' rights to the information or affect an employee's obligations
described in this policy.
Employees may be asked to sign an agreement at the time of hire, which describes their confidentiality
Lexicon Solutions’ clients may impose additional restrictions on the use of confidential or proprietary
information, and employees are expected to adhere to those restrictions.
Workplace Safety
Lexicon Solutions is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment. The Company makes
every effort to comply with relevant federal and state occupational health and safety laws and to develop the
best feasible operations, procedures, technologies, and programs conducive to such an environment.
Lexicon Solutions policies are aimed at minimizing the exposure of our employee's and visitors to our
facilities to health or safety risks. In this regard, your responsibilities include:
Exercising reasonable care and good judgment at all times to prevent accidents and injuries.
Immediately reporting to your Lexicon Solutions Account Manager and seeking first aid for any
Reporting possibly unsafe conditions, equipment, or practices to your Lexicon Solutions Account
Overtime pay procedures
Lexicon Solutions' standard work week for Category III hourly employees is 40 hours per week. If you are
classified as a "Category III" employee, you will receive compensation for overtime work as follows:
You will be paid "straight time" (i.e., your regular hourly rate of pay) for all hours worked up to 40
hours in any given work week.
Any hours worked in excess of 40 hours in a week are paid at one and a half times your regular
hourly rate.
Compensation is paid for those hours worked and verified on weekly timecards.
Payroll Policies
All Lexicon Solutions "Category II& III "employees are normally paid weekly, on every Friday, for the
previous one week period ending the previous Sunday at midnight. When a payday falls on a holiday,
payment will be made on Thursday.
Certain payroll deductions are required by law and are automatically deducted from your paycheck.
Automatic deductions include social security contributions, federal income tax, state income tax and
applicable local wage taxes.
Social Security
You are covered under the Federal Social Security Program from the day your employment with Lexicon
Solutions begins.
Each payday, a deduction from your paycheck is made and matched with an equal contribution made by
Lexicon Solutions. The combined amount is deposited with the Federal Social Security Account, and you
earn credit toward eligibility for retirement and /or disability pension benefits, coverage for hospitalization
benefits under Medicare, as well as insurance for your family in the event of your death.
Last Updated: 12/05/2012
Holiday Pay Policy:
All Lexicon Solutions “Category II & III” employees are eligible for holiday pay.
Lexicon Solutions recognizes six paid holidays per year; New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day,
Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
You qualify for holiday pay if: 1) you work 500 hours (excluding overtime) in 16 consecutive weeks ending
one full week prior to the holiday week; 2) you are on an assignment the week of the holiday week; and 3)
you work the scheduled workday before and after the holiday.
Pay for a holiday is in accordance with your current rate of pay.
Paid Time Off policy:
As a “category III” employee compensation is paid only for hours authorized by signed and verified
employee time cards. “Category III” employees are not eligible for PTO pay.
PTO is accrued by Category II employees. The schedule for category II employees is as follows:
Category II
PTO accrued by contracted employees of Lexicon Solutions may be eligible for paid leaves up to a
maximum of 5 Days each year. The actual number of days will be determined by the following:
All employees who are contracted or work for longer than six months in duration will be offered PTO equal to
the amount accrued based on their hourly average reported hours, and are accrued from the date of hire.
Hours Worked
1000 hours (including OT)
Vacation Days Earned
2 days
1500 hours (including OT)
1 additional day
2000 hours (including OT)
2 additional days
Up to five days of unused PTO time can be carried over, but PTO time will be capped at the
annual allotment plus five days. The accrual ceases once the cap is reached. This number
will be determined by an individual’s balance on the last day of the pay period. The accrual
resumes after the balance of vacation is below the cap. Be aware of your PTO balance to
ensure you do not reach your cap, which would result in losing your pay period accrual or
annual allotment.
All hours taken must be accrued, there are no advancements
The basis for employees being granted certain PTO dates will be determined on the seniority
of the employee and the individual requirements for coverage in critical operations for the
location which the employee works.
All available PTO hours must be used prior to termination of contract. Any unused PTO will
not be paid.
You must notify your Lexicon Solutions Account Manager (503) 469-6000 prior to or at the start of each work
day you are absent due to any reason. Excessive absences or arriving late to work may result in corrective
action, up to and including termination as deemed appropriate by Lexicon Solutions.
Last Updated: 12/05/2012
In connection with my hiring or continued employment by Lexicon Solutions, I acknowledge, understand,
and agree that:
I have received a copy of the Lexicon Solutions Employee Handbook, and I will abide by
the policies and programs of the company, including any changes to the same, unless instructed otherwise.
All policies and programs of the company are intended as guidelines only, and may be
amended, changed, or eliminated at any time, without prior notice, at the sole discretion of the company,
and, depending on the particular circumstances of a given situation, the company’s actions may vary from
written or unwritten policy.
I hereby consent to the company or a company client searching, at any time and without
advance notice or warning to me, all company or client property and premises and my personal property
located on company or client property and premises, including but not limited to vehicles, structures,
buildings, furniture, equipment, offices, lockers, desks, file cabinets, purses, backpacks, briefcases,
documents, computers and other devices, and all other forms of electronic media. I further consent to the
company or a company client monitoring my workplace activities, including monitoring my telephone calls
and all computerized and communication activities, such as electronic mail, telecopies, and other forms of
communications, at any time and without advance notice or warning to me.
If my employment is terminated for any reason, I authorize the company to mail my final
paycheck to my address on file with the company. I understand that I must notify the company in writing of
changes in my address.
Alcohol Policy.
I further acknowledge that I have been provided with a copy of the Company's Drug and
I understand that both the company and I have the right to terminate my employment at
any time, for no reason or for any reason, with or without cause or notice. This is known as employment “at
will.” Nothing in this acknowledgment or in any company policy or statement, including statements made to
me during negotiations about working at the company, is intended to or does create terms of an express or
implied contract of employment, nor guarantees employment for a specific term. Only the President and
Board of Directors of the Company may modify my at-will employment status or guarantee that I will be
employed for a specific period of time, and any such modification must be in writing, approved by the Board
of Directors, and signed by an authorized company representative.
- 10 -