sample approval request letter

Sample letter to approval authority:
Note to User: Adjust content of letter to reflect individual request to attend the Workshop.
The purpose of this letter is to seek your approval and funding for me to attend the 2014 RPIC Federal Contaminated Sites National
Workshop, April 14 to 16, 2014 at the Westin Ottawa Hotel in the Nation’s Capital. This RPIC learning event is directly related to my
work and the core mandate/priorities of the department – [INSERT specifically how it is directly related here].
The 2014 program will offer a wide variety of opportunities to learn about technical, operational and organizational challenges to the
effective management and remediation of federal contaminated sites, as well as new approaches and techniques to address them. The
April 14 Professional Development Training Day will provide technical and management specialists with an opportunity for in-depth
learning in both English and French on a variety of topics. The April 15 and 16 Workshop will each feature five streams of concurrent
oral presentations, keynote addresses, poster presentations and dedicated tradeshow time. The technical content of the Workshop
includes topics that are highly relevant to the assessment, remediation and management of federal contaminated sites, such as:
sustainability; project closure; best practices and lessons learned; remediation technologies; project management; environmental
liability; policy and guidance; risk assessment/risk management; aquatic sites management; site assessment; stakeholder engagement;
and, emerging contaminants. [This list can be tailored to focus on those issues that are most relevant to the contaminated sites
being managed by your department]
Many of the presentations are tailored to the [INSERT your primary function here]. I have identified the specific sessions that will
assist me in delivering my core responsibilities in a more effective manner and assist me in contributing to addressing an issue
[INSERT issue details here] faced by our organization (if applicable). Attending the RPIC Federal Contaminated Sites National
Workshop will greatly reduce the time and costs that [INSERT your department's name] would normally incur for me to attend
individual learning events on each topic or to research the topics individually (if applicable).
[INSERT the sessions that are most applicable to your work]
I will also have the opportunity to hear highly respected public sector leaders such as George Green, RPIC ADM Champion and Chief
Administrative Officer, Parks Canada and receive information from the Treasury Board Secretariat Office of the Comptroller General
of Canada on Accounting for Liabilities for Contaminated Sites in the Public Accounts of Canada. Environment Canada and Public
Works and Government Services Canada will be discussing the Federal Contaminated Sites Action Plan (FCSAP) program in their
presentation The FCSAP Program: An Update on Progress and What’s Ahead. The Parliamentary Budget Office will also be
presenting the findings of their recent study in Characterizing and Estimating the Total Liabilities for All Current and Future Federal
Contaminated Sites.
As a holder of a professional [INSERT your designation(s)] designation, professional development credits can be earned by
submitting the Workshop program to my certification body. Note to participant: Recognition of training varies and, depending on the
designation, may only apply for self-directed learning credits. Confirmation with the certification body will be required to determine
the types of credits to be applied for as part of your participation.
Travel to this event is required as there are no virtual presence or remote meeting options available. This travel authorization request
relates to the following category/categories (indicate your selection(s) in the list below):
Travel that is required in support of the direct delivery of the core mandate of a department or legislative or legal
Travel that is necessary to engage key stakeholders in relation to policy, program or regulatory development or renewal or
other matters that support the departments' ongoing working relationship or operations with such communities.
Travel that is necessary to support sound internal governance of a department including management meetings and
Departmental Audit Committee meetings, or that is necessary for the recruitment or hiring of employees.
Travel to enable the training of employees to meet the assigned duties of their positions.
The total for travel and learning costs are [$xxx.xx].
[You will need to insert your travel cost numbers below.]
Here is the breakdown of costs for this learning event. I have chosen the most economical means for travel costs.
Roundtrip Airfare:
(RPIC offers participants 10-15% discounts with WestJet and Porter)
Ground Transportation: [$xx.xx]
(RPIC offers participants 10% discount with VIA Rail)
(RPIC offers participants a rate of $179.99 at the Westin Ottawa Hotel)
(RPIC provides all refreshment breaks and lunches)
(Calculated in accordance with National Joint Council Travel Directive)
Registration Fees:
Workshop $975.00 *
Professional Development Training – Half Day $225.00 * Full day $450.00 *
*RPIC offers early bird discounts for registrations received by 15 February, 2014
Number of travellers (if applicable): There are [INSERT the # of travellers from your department] of travellers from this
department attending this event. It is important for me to attend given my role as [INSERT your position/title].
The opportunity for me to gain more in-depth knowledge and network with colleagues and industry representatives in [INSERT your
area of expertise] makes my attendance at the RPIC Federal Contaminated Sites National Workshop a wise investment, which will
yield rich dividends for [INSERT your department's name]. In addition, to maximize the return to [INSERT your department's
name] from my attendance, I am committed to sharing information with my colleagues/team upon my return by sharing
documentation and/or holding information sessions/presentations to ensure maximum outreach to all interested employees.
In summary, the investment in my attendance at the workshop will provide value for money and is a great learning and professional
development opportunity to add to my personal learning plan.
Thank you in advance for considering this learning request.
[INSERT your signature block here]
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