Station #4 Shoulder Press


Station #1 Wall Squats

In this exercise, you lean your back against a wall, leaving about 2 feet between your feet and the wall. You slide your body down the wall, as if you are trying to sit on an imaginary chair. By holding this seated position, you should feel two major muscle groups in the thigh.

Station #2 Textbook Floor Bench Press


Lay on the floor on your back with your knees bent and your back flat on the floor.


Have a partner hand you a textbook for each hand and hold them with the open side in your hands and the binding side away from you.


Raise the textbooks straight above your chest. This is the starting position for the exercise.


Slowly lower the textbooks down until your upper arms are almost resting on the floor.


Pause, then push the textbooks back up to the starting position.


Repeat for desired reps.


Don't lower the textbooks down too far. Your upper arms should not rest on the floor at the bottom of the movement.

Station #3 Double Arm Bent Over Rows

Grab a pair of dumbbells. Hold them with palms facing towards you.

Bend at the knees and bring your back almost parallel to the floor.

Let your arms hang loose. This is your starting position.

Keeping your back straight and head in neutral stance, bring the dumbbells up and squeeze your back, exhaling on the way up. Bring your chest out and drop your shoulders back and squeeze them together.

Hold for a count of 2 and return to starting position slowly, inhaling on the way down.

This completes one repetition. Perform 8-10 reps per set.

Always keep your back straight. Rounding off your back can lead to lower back injuries.

Keeping your head up can lead to spraining of the neck muscles,

 hence a neutral position of the head will be beneficial.

Keep your abs tight throughout the set, as it will help you keep your back straight.

Station #4 Shoulder Press


Standing with your feet shoulder width apart, take a dumbbell in each hand. Raise the dumbbells to head height, the elbows out and about 90 degrees. This will be your starting position.


Maintaining strict technique with no leg drive or leaning back, extend through the elbow to raise the weights together directly above your head.


Pause, and slowly return the weight to the starting position.

Station #5 Resistance Band Curls


Grasp the two ends of a resistance band.


Place the center of the band under your feet as an anchor.


Let your arms hang by your hips. There should be a bit of slack in the band.


Keep your back straight.


Bending your elbows, slowly raise your hands to your shoulders, pulling the resistance band taut.


Slowly lower your arms.

Station #6 Two-Arm Extension

Stand up and hold one bottle with both hands behind your head, upper arms pointing straight up.

Slowly press the water bottle overhead. Straighten your elbows until your arms are vertical to the floor. You elbows are pointing forward and are straight but not locked. The water bottle should be positioned directly over your head with your palms facing upwards and the water bottle hanging vertically from your palms. Maintain your balance. Your upper arms should remain still throughout.

Bend your elbows in a slow and controlled manner, lowering the

 dumbbell behind your head. Do not allow the upper arms to move.

Continue to bend the elbows to a 90 degree bend or until your upper arms begin to move backward. Do not make contact with the back of your head. Slowly straighten the elbows and return to start position. Repeat.

Attempt to keep your upper arms vertical to the floor throughout the exercise and your elbows shoulder-width apart.

Station #7 Leg Extensions

Place an ankle weight on each ankle.

While sitting straight in a chair, slowly raise the right leg until your knee is straight. Then bend knee and slowly lower your leg. Always try for the fullest range of motion you can -- all the way up, all the way down.

Repeat with left leg.

Station #8 Hamstring Curls

Stand behind a chair and place your hands on its back. Keeping your knees together, shift your weight onto your left foot and then lift your right heel as high as you can toward your bottom, slowly pumping it up and down. Repeat on the other side.

Muscular System Chart

Skeletal System Chart