Activity: Making glowing flubber

Purpose: To explore a common use of luminescence.
 Two 50ml beakers
 Popsicle sticks
 Table spoons
 Warm water
 Borax
 White liquid glue
 Reusable plastic bag
 Glow in the dark paint
 Graduated cylinder
1. In one beaker place 3 tablespoons of liquid white glue and 1.5 tablespoons
of warm water. Use a popsicle stick to mix the two solutions.
2. In the second beaker, put 1/4 tablespoon of borax and dilute it with 10mL of
water. Use a graduated cylinder to measure the volume of water.
3. Place 4 drops of glow in the dark paint into the glue-water mixture (Paint is
available at the teacher’s lab bench).
4. Pour the Borax solution into the water-glue mixture and mix it with the
popsicle stick.
5. Divide the flubber into equal parts and place your portion in a reusable bag.
6. Clean up your lab station.
**DO NOT throw, ingest or place the flubber on any surfaces of the school. Keep
it in the ziplock bag until you are outside of the building.