QMSU Safeguarding Children Volunteer Agreement

QMSU Safeguarding Children
Volunteer Agreement
Queen Mary Students’ Union takes the Safeguarding of Children seriously and the following do’s and
don’ts are to protect you as a QMSU volunteer as well as the children you may come into contact
with. The QMSU Safeguarding Children Agreement refers to the QMSU Safeguarding Children Policy
and Procedures. All information can be found at www.qmsu.org
All volunteers have a responsibility to ensure that they are able to recognise signs of abuse, what
action to take in these instances and to avoid situations where they could potentially be accused by a
child. The definition of a child is anybody upto the age of 18.
QMSU Volunteers should not:
Spend time alone with children, away from others. This includes accompanying children to
use toilet facilities.
Allow or engage in inappropriate touching of any form
Allow children to use inappropriate language unchallenged
Contact children outside of the volunteering sessions. This includes exchanging mobile
numbers or email address and interacting with each other on social media
Take photographs or videos of children using personal camera/filming equipment, only
Students’ Union equipment is allowed. Authorisation from the partner organisation who is
supervising the activity should also be sought beforehand.
Make derogatory or sexually suggestive comments to or around a child, even in fun
Engage in personal relationships with participants
Let allegations a child makes go unrecorded or not acted upon
In the event that a child discloses information that concerns you, you should:
Share this with the Student Union’s Nominated Safeguarding Children Adviser, but don’t
discuss it with anyone else
Make a full written record of what has been said using the Safeguarding Reporting Form,
making sure that you date and sign the papers
Listen to what a child is saying and react calmly so as not to frighten them
Take what the child says seriously
You should not:
Panic or show shock or distaste to the child
Probe for more information than is offered. Keep questions to a minimum to ensure a clear
and accurate understanding of what has been said. Questions should not be leading
Make promises to keep secrets or not to tell anyone
Be worried to report your suspicions, remember the child's welfare must come first
For more information on how to recognise abuse and neglect, please refer to the QMSU
Safeguarding Children Policy and Procedures and the Distant Learning Introduction to
Safeguarding Training through Tower Hamlets Council. These can be found at www.qmsu.org
For any concerns regarding Safeguarding and any of the young people on your volunteering
sessions, please contact the Student Union’s Nominated Safeguarding Children Adviser, Sarah
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 0207 9925763
Mob: 07583 708119
As a QMSU Volunteer, I agree that:
I will follow the appropriate behaviour for a volunteer as outlined above
I understand how to recognise the signs of abuse and neglect in a child
I understand and will follow the procedures outlines if a child was to disclose details of abuse
and/or neglect to me or if I have concerns about a child
I will contact Sarah Gifford, Nominated Safeguarding Children Adviser for the Students’ Union
with any queries, questions or concerns on Safeguarding and my volunteer role
Activity Group/Area
(Team Up, Aspire etc):
Email Address:
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