Hochdorf Grave Case Study Assignment

Burial Practices of the Ancient Celts
Digital Site Notes
Your task is to construct a digital portfolio of site notes on the Hochdorf grave. Your portfolio should be
organised into folders, each labelled to indicate the topic of its contents. You may submit this
assignment via USB.
Your portfolio should be in a main folder labeled ‘Hochdorf – student name’.
Use the outline below to help you structure your work.
Hochdorf – Mrs. Norberry
o Artefacts
 Images
 Each image should be saved with a name that describes the artefact.
 Be sure to include high quality images of each of the important finds
from the Hochdorf site.
 Formal Notations
 You must include a document that contains your formal notations on
each artefact.
o Details to include in your formal notation: material used,
possible purpose, where/when discovered, dating information
and any evidence this may lend to trade relations.
o Site Overview
 Physical Structure
 Materials used to construct the burial site.
 A few images outlining the floor plan and structure of the site.
 A document outlining the purpose/tradition behind this type of burial
 Excavation notes from the original dig. For example: when was the site
discovered? Who discovered it? Who led the dig? How long did it take?
You may wish to include any other material you find to be relevant.
 Heritage
 In a document, you must detail the specifics regarding the heritage of
the site.
o Who owns the site?
o Who has access to the site?
o Where are the artefacts housed? (Include images of this place,
as well as contact details and opening hours.)
 Include a document outlining the estimated date for the construction of this
 You must include specific dating methods that were used to identify this
 Create a digital timeline highlighting when this site was constructed in the
scheme of the entire Celtic culture. This timeline should span from the
beginning of the Urnfield culture to the occupation in Roman Britain.
Celtic Burial Practices
 Religion and Death
 Include a document that explains the Celtic beliefs surrounding death
and the afterlife.
o Do any of the artefacts found correlate to these beliefs?
o Does the structure itself have any relation to these beliefs?
 Ritual Practices – Include a document highlighting any rituals that the
Celts performed during burials.
o Do any of the artefacts found correlate to these beliefs?