2010/2011 - Stainforth Town Council

Report from the Mayor for 2010/11 – Councillor D. Moore:
It has been my pleasure to support Councillor Mrs. L. Crosby in her mayoral year
which, as she has reported, has been an eventful, fulfilling and challenging year
and has provided excellent grounding for me as your Mayor for 2010/11.
Councillor Mrs. Crosby and I have had the pleasure of representing the town at a
number of events including the Vicar’s garden fete, fundraising events at Polton
Close and other venues and have been involved with the annual Water Festival
and annual Gala.
We also attended a number of training course and workshops, particularly in
relation to changes in Cemetery legislation, more of which, later.
The Town Council is working towards achieving Quality Status which, for any
council worth its salt, is a must have. To this end, the clerical staff have been
putting in the work to help us achieve this and we are well on the road to putting
the appropriate criteria into place.
The Cemetery is high on some people’s agenda although I am at a loss to
understand why anyone living in this parish should be worried about burial rates
levied on non-residents. Our precept payers are the people to whom we have a
duty of care and to this end, in-parish burial rates reflect recognition of this. The
out-of-parish burial rate was raised some 4 years ago to £3500.00 to deter out of
parish burials due to a lack of burial space in a neighbouring parish and as a
deterrent from using ours, which is, after all, relatively small. This appears to
have had the desired effect. Our precept payers pick up the tab for maintenance
of the burial ground and there would soon be an outcry if the grounds were
neglected or unavailable for in-parish burials.
Some amendments to the tariffs for both in and out of parish burials have recently
been approved following guidance on legislation which requires grave space to be
leased for no more than 99 years. This has had the effect that prices have been
amended, accordingly and now means that no right of burial is sold into
perpetuity but for a period of 50 years, 75 years or 99 years with an option to
purchase extra years after 5 years of initial purchase. This does, therefore,
provide the opportunity to be buried in Stainforth.
Land – or lack of it has long been a bone of contention. Whilst the Town Council
hopes to, eventually acquire additional burial land, this is by no means going to
happen overnight and with land at a premium will be no easy feat. Even if we
find suitable land, this will carry a financial commitment for the town and with
the possibility of it lying fallow for at least three decades may prove just as
contentious as the current burial rates appear to be.
Some of the above reflects my own views and I accept that they may not be
welcomed by some residents but I am passionate about this town and will do my
utmost for its residents.
Finally, I look forward to what the forthcoming year has in store for me and the
Deputy Mayor, Councillor E. Nesbitt, along with all Town Council members. I
undertake to represent Stainforth and all it has to offer in a very positive light.
Summary of Accounts for the year ended 31.3.2011:
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