19 th Jihlava IDFF, Press Release Oct 29, 2015

19th Jihlava IDFF, Press Release Oct 29, 2015
An Expedition from Norway and Masha of Pussy Riot Have Arrived in
Jihlava, the Inspiration Forum Is About to Start
Maria Alyokhina, one of the three most anticipated festival guests, arrived yesterday in
the morning at the Václav Havel Airport in Prague. A former member of Russian punk
band Pussy Riot will today meet online with the founder of the WikiLeaks portal, Julian
Assange. She herself has stated that in principle, they have much in common although
in the context of the current social debate, they are often regarded as controversial
figures representing two opposing sides. Julian Assange is allegedly siding with Russia
and damaging the interests of the USA, and Pussy Riot are said be doing the same, only
the other way round – promoting the interests of America to Russia’s detriment. And
yet, the two have already met and agreed that their own view of the situation is
completely different.
Film copies of travel documentaries by Norwegian filmmaker and adventurer Thor
Heyerdahl have reached Jihlava. Their screening held at DKO II was introduced by
Halfdan Tangen from one of the most popular Norwegian museums – Kon-Tiki
Museum. The event was accompanied with an exhibition of posters that will provide a
more detailed insight into the life of the adventurer and explorer. To find out even more
about Heyerdahl and his adventurous journeys, visit this afternoon’s workshop
presented by Czech director, Petr Horký, who met with the famous anthropologist for
the first time 18 years ago and collaborated with him on a number of travel
documentaries, visiting altogether 32 countries. “Thor Heyerdahl has always been fully
immersed in what he was doing,” said Horký, describing his idol.
Historical tour of Europe
Among this year’s Czech Joy competition films is also the trip into history by Jan
Gogola jr., entitled Excursion or History of the Present. Gogola and his crew set out to
For more information please contact:
René Kubášek
international communication
M: +420 778 058 273
E: [email protected]
visit five world famous tourist attractions, such as the Aurora battleship, the Berlin Wall
and the world’s first museum in Rome, to challenge the traditional perception of these
monuments. “In the case of Aurora, I was interested in the form of the personal and
social revolution as perceived today, but I had no clue about the degree with which
contemporary Russia distances itself from the communist revolution. As if the country
saw much longer historical horizon ahead or a future as a great empire uniting the
nation and the god,” commented Gogola.
17 funerals at Jihlava IDFF
Today, festival visitors will again have the chance to watch funerals of prominent Czech
thinkers as captured on TV cameras. After accompanying distinct Czech figures on their
last journey in footage from the years 1914 – 1958, the festival visitors, many for the
first time, will move on to a more recent past. In the second hall of Jihlava’s DKO,
philosopher Jan Patočka, actor Jan Werich, screenwriter Jaroslav Dietl, and writers
Jaroslav Seifert and Dominik Tatarka, will tonight again drift into eternal sleep. A cycle
of reportages from funeral ceremonies will be topped off with a ceremony that still
resonates through the Czech society – the last piece will allow viewers to silently
commemorate the dramatist and Czech Republic’s first president, Václav Havel.
At last year’s festival edition, documentarian Martin Kohout presented his at that time
unfinished film The Czech Way at the Work-in-Progress pitching session. The film is
now back in Jihlava, this time as part of the Czech Joy competition section. The final
version of The Czech Way will be personally introduced by director Martin Kohout at
12 noon in DKO. The screening will be followed by a Q&A session.
Last year, Vít Klusák set out to find the answer to the question why the Czech Minister
of Finance, Andrej Babiš, had ventured into politics. After the completion of his film
called Matrix AB, he himself admits although being closer to the answer, he us still
wondering how close he is to the truth. Klusák followed Andrej Babiš during local
elections when the politician, allegedly despite his personal conviction, based his
For more information please contact:
René Kubášek
international communication
M: +420 778 058 273
E: [email protected]
campaign on handing out doughnuts to voters to convince them of his good intentions
and the will to do public good.
Matrix AB will see its world premiere tonight at 7 pm in DKO.
Festivals from across the whole world in Jihlava
Tonight, an event called Festival Hub will bring together 9 representatives of
international film festivals who will use the limit of six and a half minutes to present
their festivals’ activities. Each presentation will consist of 20 slides, each taking no
more than 20 seconds, following the PechaKucha Night format. Festival Hub is held as
part of the Festival Identity project aimed at creating a common platform for festival
representatives to meet, exchange thoughts and ideas and develop a multinational and
multicultural network of festival communities. This year, Festival Identity will host
representatives of Berlinale, IndieLisboa, Busan IFF, Bergen IFF, True/False FF,
Crossing Europe, Astra FF, Tromsø IFF, Visions du Reél, among others.
Don’t forget to plug your ears, Shampoo Boy are on their way!
Jihlava IDFF’s accompanying programme knows its first guest – the cream of the crop
of European (post)noise music, trio Shampoo Boy from Vienna. A renowned European
electronic producer Peter Rehberg with DJ Christina Nemec and Christian Schachinger
from the techno underground scene will perform in Jihlava’s Soul Club on Thursday
October 29, 2015. For the sake of the health of festival visitors, we will be offering
complimentary earplugs. The concert is organised with the support of the Austrian
Cultural Centre in Prague.
For more information please contact:
René Kubášek
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M: +420 778 058 273
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