Intro to Performing Arts

How to Find Library Resources – Performing Arts
I. Consider starting with an ENCYCLOPEDIA ARTICLE
To get an overview of the topic
To discover ways to narrow the topic
To find possible key words
To find sources
Print materials to consider:
A Chronology of American Musical Theater – R 782.14 N887c (3 volumes)
Oxford Encyclopedia of Theatre and Performance – R 792.03 O98 (2 volumes)
The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians – R 780.3 N532-2 (29 volumes)
The New Grove Dictionary of Opera – R 782.103 N532 (4 volumes)
The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz – R 781.65 N532-2 (3 volumes)
Try GROVE DICTIONARY OF MUSIC AND MUSICIANS ONLINE (use for encyclopedia articles,
bibliographies, and a basic introduction to topics)
The Library of Congress has an online Performing Arts Encyclopedia:
II. Check for SCHOLARLY BOOKS in your area
Use online catalogs to find books at our library or other libraries around the nation.
You can browse relevant sections of the collection, as well:
The 780 – 792 section covers the PERFORMING ARTS
CDs and Records can be found in the central room on the top level of the library
To search for books in our library, click the catalog link on the library homepage:
Enter your search terms (title, author, subject, etc.) to find out what we have IN OUR
If we do not have what you are looking for, we can find something at another library
To search for items in Kansas, return to our Online Resources page at:
Then click on the link for Kansas Library Catalog/List of Serials and search.
To search for items outside of Kansas, go to the Online Resources page, click on
the WorldCat link and search
Once you have found a book that interests you, we can request it through
Interlibrary Loan (ILL). There are a few ways to do this:
You can find a link that says “request this item” or “ILL”. If you click that
link, you will have to fill out a form with your contact information and
then SUBMIT the form.
Another way to request an item is to click the link for “Interlibrary Loan
Request” on the library homepage:
You will have to fill out and submit another form. Be sure to include the
title, author, and any other information that can help me find the book.
III. Narrowing your research with SCHOLARLY JOURNAL ARTICLES.
Many journals can be found through our databases:
 Gale/Cengage Learning
o Fine Arts and Music Collection
 Search by publication, subject, or your own search term
 Always remember to check the “peer reviewed” box if you want
scholarly articles.
 Even if you cannot find a full-text online version of the article, we can
borrow it from another library or we might even have it in the library.
If you cannot find what you need in these databases, please check with the librarian.
Contact Matt Upson for assistance: [email protected], phone ext. 2487 (620-242-0487
from off-campus)
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