Awards Nomination Form

Awards Nomination Form
All alumni of St. John’s College who matriculated and attended St. John’s
College for one semester as an undergraduate or one segment as a graduate
student are members of the St. John’s College Alumni Association (SJCAA). The
Association by-laws currently provide three standard ways for the SJCAA to
recognize people associated with the College. This form provides a way to
identify those individuals.
SJCAA Awards
Awards of Merit: Awards of Merit may be given to alumni for distinguished and
meritorious service to the United States, to the alumnus’ or alumna’s native
state, to the College, or for outstanding achievement within a chosen field.
Volunteer Service Awards: The Volunteer Service Award (aka “ALFie”) may be
given to alumni for extraordinary volunteer service to the Association or the
College, and is presented at the ALF.
Honorary Alumni: Honorary membership in the Alumni Association may be
given to any person for his or her significant role, service, or contribution in or to
the life of the College, especially as regards Alumni or students
If you would like to nominate someone to receive an award, please complete the
form below and hand in or send to one of the addresses below.
SJCAA Nominating Committee
SJCAA Awards Committee
Send to:
Sarah Palacios, Director of Alumni Relations – Santa Fe
505-984-6121, [email protected]
Leo Pickens (A78), Director of Alumni Relations - Annapolis
410-295-6926, [email protected]
Reason for Completing Form
For which of the following purposes are you completing this form? (one reason per form only)
☐I am nominating someone for an Award of Merit
☐I am nominating someone for a Volunteer Service Award (a.k.a. “ALFie”)
☐I am nominating someone for honorary membership in the SJC Alumni Association
Contact Information
Your Name
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Nominee Name
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Award Information
Please tell us why you are nominating this for an award. (Feel free to use the back as well)
Type here – box will expand as you type.Click here to enter text.
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