Trainings available through ArkSTART

Special Presentation on Mental Health & IDD, Anne Desnoyers Hurley, Ph.D.
Supporting Individuals with “Challenging Behaviors,” David Pitonyak, Ph.D.
Creating a Vision of Inclusion: The Importance of Film in Education, Awareness and Systems Change,
Dan Habib, Documentary Filmmaker
START Scholars Presentation - Coordinating Therapeutic Goals & Activities for Guests, Jason Tuell
Substance Abuse & IDD, David O’Neal
The Rational Use of Psychotropic Medications in Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities, Jarrett
Barnhill, MD
Health & Wellness Considerations for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Leslie Rubin, MD
Overuse of Antipyschotics and Other Psychiatric Medicines to Address Challenging Behavior, Anne
Desnoyers Hurley, Ph.D.
Children with IDD - Psychopharmacology, Dr. Jarrett Barnhill
Children with IDD - Developmental Disabilities in the Early Childhood Landscape, Dr. Jarrett Barnhill
Expressive Therapy for People with IDD and Behavioral Health Needs, Daniel Tomasulo, Ph.D.
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome & IDD, Shelley Watson, Ph.D.
Genetic Disorders & IDD, Jill Hinton, Ph.D.
Integrated Assessment of Behavioral Problems: Collaborating to Develop a Common Language, Dr.
Daniel Baker
Effective Dialog Between Physicians & the Professionals Supporting People with IDD, Dr. Nabih
Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in People with Intellectual and Developmental
Disability (IDD), Anne Desnoyers Hurley
Bio-Psychological Features Influencing Aggression and Related Disruptive Behaviors, Dr. William
Physicians & Clinicians Series: Autism Spectrum Disorders: Sleep and Movement Disorders, Dr. Jarrett
Physicians & Clinicians Series: Psychoses, Delirium & Other Neuropsychiatric Disorders, Dr. Jarrett
Physicians & Clinicians Series: Mood & Anxiety Disorders in Persons with IDD, Dr. Jarrett Barnhill
Physicians & Clinicians Series: Introduction to ID & Developmental Disorders, Dr. Jarrett Barnhill
Trauma & IDD, Dr. Nancy Razza
Understanding Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Persons with MH & IDD, Christina Carter
Psychopharmacology & IDD, Dr. Diana Antonacci
Positive Behavior Support for People with IDD & MI, Dr. Dan Baker
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