APB Position Descriptions

Activities Programming Board
(Family, Social, Educational and Cultural Events Coordinator)
1. Work with APB team to implement a comprehensive events calendar that is inclusive of cultural, educational,
family and social programming needs of Clark College students.
2. Work with the APB team to plan and coordinate 2-3 quarterly student events for both on-campus and satellite
3. Create promotional materials for all designated events, ensuring distribution as outlined in the Communication
4. Work with the APB team and Student Life Program Support Supervisor to approve expenditure of funds from the
Student Enrichment budget for events.
5. Track APB budget expenditures, event attendance, and evaluations for use in ASCC and Student Life college-wide
6. Acquire a working knowledge of the procedures for facilities use, custodial, stage, technical setup requests, and
campus security requirements.
7. Schedule and oversee all volunteer help during your APB events sponsored.
8. Attend weekly 12-15 office hours.
9. Attend weekly APB meetings.
10. Attend weekly 1:1 meetings with the Student Life Program Support Supervisor.
11. Submit weekly officer and committee reports.
12. Meet with your designated mentor quarterly.
13. Attend monthly First Friday Leadership Workshops.
14. Assist with planning and implementation of quarterly ASCC Welcome Week events and activities.
15. Work with the APB team to plan and implement Spring Thing.
16. Serve as a non-voting member of the Club Committee; reporting on upcoming events and volunteer
17. Work with the APB team to create APB meeting agendas and to run APB meetings (alternating with team).*
18. Work with the APB team to attend EC meetings (alternating with team).*
19. Participate in program outreach by attending at least one prescheduled Clark College event quarterly.
20. Attend trainings as designated by the Director of Student Life and the Student Life Program Support Supervisor.
21. Maintain academic eligibility; submitting quarterly academic mid-quarter evaluations.
22. Work with the Student Life office staff to develop processes and strategies to maximize student involvement and
applicants for leadership positions.
23. Perform related duties as assigned.
*Subject to change
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