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IEEE Xplore
IEEE Xplore contains full text journals on engineering and computing from the IET
(Institution of Engineering & Technology) and IEEE, as well as conference
proceedings and IEEE standards. Journals include:
Circuits, Devices & Systems
Communications Engineer
Control & Automation
Electronics and Power
Electronics Systems and Software
Manufacturing Engineer
Optoelectronics, IET
Production Engineer
Software Engineering Journal
Accessing the database
Access is at:
If you are off campus you will need your university username and password (this is
the same as for your email and other university services).
Searching IEEE Xplore
Searching is simple. Enter keywords for your topic then use the Filter these results
options to cut down your results to a manageable number.
For example, you could do a search for java which gives over 8000 results then add
games in the “search within results” box to cut the results down to 94 articles on the
use of Java in games.
You can also filter results by author, by publication date, by journal title or by subject
area. Simply tick the boxes you are interested in and click the Refresh results button
to display the results which match.
Advanced Search
For most purposes the basic search is enough. However, advanced search gives
you several search boxes which can help if you are searching for more than one
concept at once. Advanced search also gives you the option of searching full text.
Usually you will be searching article titles, keywords and abstracts but here you have
the option to search the full text of articles. This is only advisable if you are searching
for something very specific or you will find too many results.
11/9/15 SG
Managing results
You will see a sort by box at the top of the results list which is usually set to
relevance. You may find it more helpful to sort results so that the most recent are at
the top or to sort by Most cited which will bring influential articles to the top of the
Results can be downloaded into a reference manager such as EndNote using the
Download citations link.
Further Help
Your library team can help with IEEE Xplore and other databases and can point you
in the right direction if you have difficulty finding the information you need for your
studies or research. E-mail [email protected] for engineering or
[email protected] for science or ask for us at the Library Desk.
For alternative formats please contact Tel: 01792 295697
Email: [email protected]
11/9/15 SG
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