remove member & delete household

remove members & delete household workflow
This workflow shows how to delete members of a household when, by mistake, members were entered into a
household and should not have been. Since this was a data entry error, we do not want any history recorded of
the couple being in a household. So we will be using the Add/Delete button (not the red minus sign) to remove
them. Clicking the trash can icon deletes the Household Relationship and causes the loss of the historic
relationship. Using these steps, after the members are deleted from the household, there is no history of them
previously being in a household together.
NOTE: Deleting clients from a Household should only be done when the client was added due to data entry
This example shows the Smiths, a couple with no children, that both need to be deleted to dissolve the household
relationship, but remain in the database as single members.
1. Log into ServicePoint.
2. In ClientPoint search for one of the members of the household. If necessary, Back Date to the date that you
removed the members from the household.
3. Click the Households tab to see that both Joe and Jan are in a household (ID 20, see red arrow in Figure 1)
Figure 1: Household members
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Households – delete household workflow
4. Click the Manage Household button.
5. Click the Add/Delete Household Members button. The Household Information screen displays.
Figure 2: Add/Delete members
6. Click the trash can next to names to remove the association with the Household.
Figure 3: Use trashcan to delete relationship
NOTE: Deleting clients from a Household should only be done when the client was added due to data entry
error. If a client did legitimately leave the Household, the 'red minus' icon
should be used
instead of the trash can to give a historic representation of the client leaving the Household. Clicking
the trash can icon
to delete a Household Relationship will cause the loss of the historic
relationship that client had to the Household. Also note that deleting the client from the Household
will delete that client's relationship to the Household and not actually delete the client itself.
7. The following popup displays to make sure you want to delete the association. Click the Delete button, then
click the Continue button. Do this for both members.
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Households – delete household workflow
Figure 4: Delete Household Relationship verification popup
8. Click the Save & Exit button to return to the Client Profile.
9. From Joe’s Profile, click the arrow (
) to the left of Previous Households to see that he is not considered to
ever have been a member of any households. This fixes the mistake of having put Joe into a household.
Figure 5: Previous household verification
Even though Joe is now not a member of a household, he is still in the database as a single client with his
original Client ID (#55).
10. If necessary, also make sure to exit Joe from any assessments and Programs he was entered into in error.
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Households – delete household workflow
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