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Find the constant and slope for the following direct variation equations. Then graph.
2. y  4 x
y  1/ 2 x
Write a direct variation equation that relates to x and y. Assume the y varies directly as x. Then solve.
3. If y = -8 when x = -2, find x when y = 32.
4. If y = 45, when x = 15, find x when y = 15.
5. If y = -4 when x=2, find y when x = -6
6. If y = -9 when x = 3, find y when x = -5
7. The distance traveled varies directly with the time of travel. If the time traveled is 250 meters in 25
seconds, find the distance traveled in 60 seconds.
8. The amount of money earned for a job is directly proportional to the number of hours worked. If $36 is
earned for 8 hours of work, how much is earned for 30 hours of work?
9. The number of calories in a carton of milk varies directly to the amount of milk in the container. If there
are 160 calories in an 8 ounce glass of milk, find the number of calories in a 15 ounce glass of milk.
Write an inverse variation equation that relates x and y and solve. Assume that y varies inversely as x.
10. If y=4 when x = 8, find y when x=2.
11. If y=-7 when x=3, find y when x = -3
12. If y= -6 when x=-2, find y when x = 4
13. If y = -24 when x = -3, find x when y = -6
14. The cost per person to rent a mountain cabin is inversely proportional to the number of people who share
the rent. If the cost is $36 per person when 5 people share, what is the cost per person when 8 people
15. For rectangles with the same area, the length varies inversely as the width. One rectangle has a length of
12 cm and a width of 5 cm. Find the length of another rectangle with the same area whose width is 4
16. The current electrical circuit varies inversely as the amount of resistance in the circuit. The current is 10
amps when the resistance is 24 ohms. Find the current when the resistance is 30 ohms.
17. On a certain map, 25 km are represented by 2 cm. If two cities are 7 cm apart of the map, what is the
actual distance between them?
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