Industrial Services Update January 2014(Word)

Industrial Services Update
January 2014
Image: RSB Industrial Services worker packing Goodies and Grains’ products
in the factory clean room
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++Goodies and Grains and the RSB – a perfect partnership
When browsing the shelves in Goodies and Grains’ Central Market store, it’s unlikely
you have thought about how the many delicacies came to be packed and ready for
consumption. However, it’s thanks to RSB Industrial Services that this South
Australian, family-owned business is able to keep up with the ever-increasing
consumer demand for their products.
Founded in 1991, Goodies and Grains stocks more than 5,000 organic and
conventionally grown products and has been a customer of RSB Industrial Services
since May 2013. Since then the two proudly SA-based businesses have enjoyed a
partnership that has gone from strength to strength, says RSB Sales Consultant
Peter Nannini.
“From an original, small order provided by Chris, the owner of Goodies and Grains,
we’ve been able to provide meaningful employment to many RSB Industrial Services
“We initially only packed a variety of muesli but have since progressed to a wide
range of products like breakfast sprinkles and Epsom salts.”
Up to eight RSB Industrial Services staff work on the Goodies and Grains products in
several varied capacities – from decanting and measuring the bulk product down into
retail packs, to the packaging side which encompasses methods including specialist
brown paper bags, pre-seal containers and tubs.
RSB Industrial Services staff work at a fast pace, packing on average almost 3,000
units a month for the health food company. And it’s unlikely things will slow down any
time soon with Goodies and Grains’ recent expansion to become a national brand.
This partnership opens the doors for more opportunities, engaging more RSB
Industrial Services staff as the two organisations work and grow together, explains
“To keep up with demand from Goodies and Grains and provide a more presentable
‘best before’ label on their packaging we have just purchased another printer and
conveyor, so it’s a win-win for us both.”
Call Peter Nannini or Mark Burleigh for a competitive quote or to discuss your
business requirements. Small runs and customisation are our speciality.
Contact us on (08) 8417 5600 or visit our website
Call Peter Nannini or Mark Burleigh for a competitive quote or to discuss your
business requirements. Small runs and customisation are our speciality.
Contact us on (08) 8417 5600 or visit our website
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++Our Service
Since 1884, the RSB has been providing employment for South Australians who are
blind or vision impaired. Today, RSB’s Industrial Services site at Gilles Plains
employs over 70 people. Our goal is to provide your business with efficient, cost
effective and high quality solutions that will save you time and money.
++Assembly and packaging
The RSB Industrial Services site is specially equipped to provide assembly and
packaging services, incorporating our clean room facility. No job is too big or small
for the RSB to produce on time and to your complete satisfaction.
At the RSB, we thrive on meeting our customers’ needs and supplying a quality
The RSB offers a complete service for thermoformed (vacuum) and pressure formed
products, including clamshells, food grade containers and folded and heat sealed
We know you will be happy with the end result because we supply you with a
prototype before production commences.
++The complete solution
The RSB’s wide range of assembly and packaging services include:
• Manual bag and box filling
• Sorting
• Collating and labelling
• Shrink-wrap packaging
• Heat sealing
• Blister packaging
• Die cutting
• Sonic welding
• Thermoforming (vacuum)
and pressure forming
We are experienced working with thin and thick gauge materials including PVC,
Our specialist staff are available to discuss your needs and provide you with a
competitive quote.
Call RSB Industrial Services on (08) 8417 5600 and a dedicated sales consultant will
be able to discuss your needs or visit our website
RSB Contact Details
Telephone (08) 8417 5600
Facsimile (08) 8261 6869
Quality Accredited
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© RSB 2013
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