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Job Description
Job title:
Weight Management Practitioner
Oxford and surrounding area
Part-time three to four days per week, with some evening work. Initially for six
months with the possibility of a permanent position.
Dependent on qualifications, accreditation and experience
Background information:
MoreLife deliver non-surgical, clinically led weight management programmes for obese adults in the Oxford
area. Our specialist service takes a psychological approach to weight management and utilises a number
of therapies to evoke behaviour change around diet and physical activity. As part our team, you will work
alongside a Registered Dietician and supervision will be provided by the Psychology Programme Lead.
Purpose of job:
To lead an evidenced based behavioural change obesity programme.
Group facilitation through a multi-component MoreLife programme.
Deliver the multi-component programme ensuring an action orientated approach to learning for
individuals to fully engage and take personal responsibility for their weight loss journey.
Use appropriate psychological strategies with individuals to overcome barriers to ensure they
achieve their weight loss goals.
Ensure a variety of experiences for the clients, utilising a range of skills, activities, and facilitative
approaches to the delivery of the sessions.
Develop an inclusive and self-learning experience, considering the needs of all individuals in the
Encourage individuals to set and review personal goals on a weekly basis.
Be sensitive and supportive to the psychological and physiological needs of participants, and
signpost additional support where appropriate.
Clinical Administration
 Regularly evaluate the effectiveness of the programme to line management to ensure continuous
improvement of outcomes.
Ensure timely and accurate monitoring of group data according to programmes K.P.I.’s.
MoreLife (uk) Ltd, Churchwood Hall, Leeds Metropolitan University, Headingley, LS6 3QJ.
Tel: 0113 812 5233 Fax: 08442090884 Website:
Promote a flexible approach to engaging with the programme. Ensure there is the regular
communication with participants between sessions and conduct follow up calls and drop in sessions
on a regular basis.
Support the patient assessment and monitoring process by conducting Anthropometrics.
Person Specification – Weight Management Practitioner
Successful completion of face to
face classroom tuition, and
graduated with a minimum of a one
year full time or two year part time
Post Graduate Psychological
Therapy or Psychology
qualification that included a
supervised placement with a
minimum of 100 contract/client
hours as an integral part of the
An interest or qualification in
Nutrition, Dietetics, Health
promotion, Education, Sports
and Exercise field.
Listed on the Accredited Voluntary
register or hold membership with
Experience of facilitating groups
within a clinical setting.
Working towards an
accreditation in relevant
professional discipline.
Experience of leading
relevant physical activity/
weight management classes.
Experience of coaching individuals
and groups.
Experience or interest of using
Mindfulness, CBT, DBT or ACT
Experience of motivational
A passion and enthusiasm for
supporting individuals to achieve
weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.
Experience of dealing with
people with sensitive medical
problems, ideally in mental
health, eating disorders or
weight management.
The ability to prepare and
deliver sessions that are
appropriate to the target
Confidence in planning and
delivering engaging weight-loss
Self-motivated and a natural
Coaching skills
MoreLife (uk) Ltd, Churchwood Hall, Leeds Metropolitan University, Headingley, LS6 3QJ.
Tel: 0113 812 5233 Fax: 08442090884 Website:
Strong interpersonal skills and the
ability to build trusting relationships
with the individuals.
A caring and empathetic attitude.
Ability to use initiative.
Be able to work under pressure
and meet targets.
Strong organisational skills.
Excellent verbal and written
communication skills.
Fitness to Practice:
Practitioners have a responsibility to monitor and maintain their fitness to practice at
a level that enables them to provide an effective service. If their effectiveness
becomes impaired for any reason, including health or personal circumstances, they
should seek the advice of their supervisor, experienced colleagues or line manager
and, if necessary, withdraw from practice.
Health and safety: To maintain a positive attitude to health and safety in carrying out the duties of the
post with special emphasis on the environment and safety of the individuals in your care.
There is a no smoking and drinking of alcohol policy in force for the duration of the
Equal Opportunities:
Post holders must at all times carry out their responsibilities with due regard to the
Company’s equal opportunities policy.
For further information and an application form please visit the website
If you feel that this position is for you then please fill out the application form stating clearly how you match the
requirements on the person specification.
MoreLife (uk) Ltd, Churchwood Hall, Leeds Metropolitan University, Headingley, LS6 3QJ.
Tel: 0113 812 5233 Fax: 08442090884 Website:
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