HRD 03 12 CR

Project Completion Report
(as of December 7, 2012)
Please submit through your APEC Secretariat Program Director within 2 months of project completion.
SECTION A: Project profile
Project number & title:
Time period covered
in report:
Committee / WG / Fora:
Project Overseer Name /
Organization / Economy:
HRD 03/2012 - Decent work during/after maternity and childcare leave
April 2012 – December 2012
Date submitted:
December 7, 2012
Human Recourses Development Working Group
Mr. Alexey Vovchenko,
Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Protection of the Russian Federation
SECTION B: Project report and reflection
Briefly answer each of the questions below. Section B should be a maximum of 2-3 pages, inclusive of the
questions and tables provided.
1. Project description: In 3-4 sentences, describe the project and its main objectives.
Gender is a cross-cutting theme in APEC (“Reforms can also help ensure that women are not forced to
compromise on the well-being of their children to pursue a career”) and proposed project addresses the problem of
lack of decent work during / after maternity and childcare leave and ways to overcome it. So, the project objective
is to supply APEC economies with recommendations to provide the decent work during / after maternity and
childcare leave.
The main project tasks are:
to identify in collaboration with HRDWG, PPWE, ABAC and outside organizations’ experts (both
international and local) the best methods and tools, providing decent work during / after maternity and childcare
leave; all range of methods will be considered – legal base, special vocational education and training (TVET),
flexible employment forms, etc., used by government bodies, NGOs and corporations; issues of public-private
partnership will be considered with special attention;
to hold the APEC Workshop (October, Russia, Vladivostok) to network HRDWG, PPWE, ABAC and
outside organizations’ experts and to discuss interim results for the purpose to determine the common approaches
and recommendations; 30+ attendees are expected;
to develop recommendations, dedicated to the decent work provision during and after maternity and
childcare leave; the approaches should be applicable for both industrialized and developing APEC economies.
2. Meeting your objectives: Were the proposed objectives of the project met? If so, please describe how. If
not, please include any major changes to the proposed scope of the project. Please outline any problems
you may have encountered that resulted in delays to the delivery of the activity.
All the objectives of the project were successfully achieved. The experts of the executor of the project
disseminated the prepared questionnaire among APEC economies, groups, fora and international organizations.
On the basis of the feedbacks the experts carried out the research, which identified and described the best
methods and tools providing decent work during/after maternity and childcare leave. These methods and tools
were presented at the Workshop held on 31 October - 01 November 2012 in Vladivostok, Russia.
3. Evaluation: Describe how you evaluated the project upon completion? Detail the results of the evaluations
conducted, if any (e.g. participant evaluation, peer review of publication, measurement of indicators,
statistics demonstrating use of outputs etc.).
Workshop was very useful, all set tasks were fulfilled. Workshop made a good contribution to the member
economies in organizing cooperation and in creation of expert network in order to provide sustained sharing of
expertize in the field of Decent work during/after maternity and childcare leave.
4. Key findings: Describe the main outputs delivered and any broader outcomes achieved as a result of this
project. For example have there been any capacity building outcomes, policy or operational changes, or
changes to standards or systems as a result of this activity?) Describe how project outputs relate to
fora/sub fora/working group strategic and medium-term priorities and strategic priorities. Please provide
examples of important findings or lessons learned arising from the project.
All the speakers in their presentations and participants during discussions were mentioning, that it is necessary
to share the knowledge and information received during the Workshop not only with representatives of APEC
member economies within one group, and not just invite, but actively involve other related organizations and
communities. Activities, developed on the basis of those organizations, will facilitate cross-border exchange of
knowledge and actions, improvement of the situation with the decent work during/after maternity and childcare
leave in the APEC region.
Fruitful discussions on the basis of the presentations and draft recommendations elaborated by the
researchers of the organizer of the Workshop on the basis of the feedbacks allowed participants of the Workshop
to make conclusions and accept draft recommendations which were finalized by the experts of the organizer,
disseminated among all participants of the project and finally adopted for further use in their everyday work for
improving the situation with providing decent work during/after maternity and childcare leave.
5. Next steps: Describe any follow-up steps or projects that are planned following the completion of the
activity such as post-activity evaluations or tracer studies planned to assess the impact of this activity?
Have the results of the activity been disseminated to participants and other stakeholders and how? What
are (if any) any flow-on effects from this activity? How will this activity inform any future APEC activities?
Presentations and reports of the Workshop were disseminated among the participants of the Workshop.
Afterwards all Workshop presentations and reports were sent to APEC Secretariat (Human Resources
Development Working Group) inside the Final report presented by the Contractor. The report itself is published at
the APEC official web-site under the APEC#212-HR-04.1. All participants of the Workshop informed that after
returning home they would make presentations in their ministries/ organizations to share the knowledge received at
the Workshop. The exchange of information will be continued. The network established during the Workshop with
the assistance of the APEC Secretariat (HRDWG) will help to proceed further to more unified policy in providing
decent work during/after maternity and childcare leave.
6. Feedback for the Secretariat: Do you have any suggestions for more effective management of projects in
the future? Any assessment of consultants, experts or participants that you would like to share? (The
Secretariat collates and examines feedback to identify trends for ongoing evaluation of our project management
and/or communications systems.)
The APEC Secretariat experts’ cooperation was very helpful, fruitful and timely, their assistance allowed the
organizer to make the project rather successful with good results.
7. Participant information: Please provide details, where applicable. Insert rows as needed.
# male
# female
China P.R.
Chinese Taipei
Viet Nam
Other: International Labor Organization
8. Outputs: Please provide details, where applicable. Change headings or insert rows as needed.
# planned
# actual
# of workshops / events
Sessions of the workshop
# of workshops / events
# of publications distributed
# of CDs distributed
# of websites created
Attach a detailed breakdown of the APEC- provided project budget, including:
 Planned costs (using most recently approved budget figures)
 Actual expenditures
 Variance notes: An explanation of any budget line under- or over-spent by 20% or more.
APEC Funding/
Planned Costs
APEC Funding/
Actual Expenditures
Short term clerical staff fees
Contractor/ant/Researcher fee
All airfares and per diem
3 of 5 speakers were government
Some planned participants didn’t
SECTION D: Appendices or additions
Please attach any of the following. This information will help us better understand your project, support overseers
of similar projects and plan for future projects.
 List of experts or consultants utilized, with job titles and contact details, gender disaggregated where possible.
 List of participants, with job titles and contact details
 Event agendas
 Links to any relevant websites or online material (e.g. reports, resources created)
 Results of participant feedback or other project evaluation (raw and/or analyzed)
 Any other relevant information or resources that would help us learn more about your project
FOR APEC SECRETARIAT USE ONLY APEC comments: Were APEC project guidelines followed?
Could the project have been managed more effectively or easily by the PO?
The project was effectively managed including following APEC guidelines. No substantive problems
were encountered.
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