260_Physical Therapist - Early Intervention Colorado

Job Description
Position Title: Physical Therapist
Department/Team: Early Intervention
Reports To: Director of Early Intervention
__X__ Exempt
_____ Non exempt
General Description:
Provide early intervention services utilizing physical therapy expertise, family and community
centered practices to ensure families have options in fostering the early development of their child.
Essential Duties/Responsibilities:
1. Provide assessment of motor and assistive technology/adaptive equipment needs when
requested by the IFSP team.
2. Complete on-going assessment according to system policy.
1. Provide evidence-based interventions based on the Individualized Family Support Plan
2. Utilize intervention strategies that build on the routines of the child and family and may
occur in multiple natural environments.
3. Utilize early childhood best practices that look at the whole child not just individual
4. Serve as primary provider for assigned children. Utilize team-based consultations from
other team members.
1. Provide consultation in team meeting and 1:1 when requested by Transdisciplinary
2. Partner with parents and professionals to write and implement formal and informal
3. Participate in periodic and annual IFSP reviews of assigned children.
4. Work together with team and family to ensure a smooth transition from Part C to Part B
or other community settings.
Parent Support
1. Empower parents to carry on learning in natural environments.
2. Foster leadership and positive regard for families.
3. Respond to cultural and linguistic diversity in families.
4. Adhere to procedural safeguards under Part C of Individuals with Disabilities Education
Act (IDEA).
1. Completes and documents targeted case management (TCM) activities according to CMS and
DDD rules, as appropriate.
2. Complete all appropriate paperwork related to the provision of physical therapy services
for all assigned cases in a timely manner.
CH 6.09
7.2009 update
3. Maintain personal professional continuing education.
4. Attend meetings, public awareness activities, and community events related to the
provision of early intervention services.
5. A working (personal) vehicle, valid CO driver’s license (unless active Military family),
and minimum insurance levels ($100,000/$300,000/$100,000 liability coverage)
6. Perform driving responsibilities as related to the job.
7. Provide mentoring to contracted Physical Therapists and Assistants, Occupational
Therapists & Assistants and Early Intervention Specialists.
8. Assist in the development of continuing education to staff and contracted service
9. Other duties as assigned.
Other Duties/Responsibilities:
1. Participate in professional opportunities (committees, workshops, conferences, journal readings) based on
personal professional development plan.
Supervisory Duties: Not Applicable
Minimum: One year experience working with young children with disabilities or delays.
Preferred: Three years working with young children in a transdisciplinary team model.
Minimum: BA in Physical Therapy and Colorado licensure as a Physical Therapist. Knowledge of
Part C of IDEA, natural environments and daily routines, evaluation techniques and tools as pertaining
to early childhood. Ability to work independently and communicate effectively verbally and in
writing. Ability to facilitate group meetings. Knowledge of community resources and supports
available to families. Experience working with young children with special needs, including infants
and toddlers, and their families.
Preferred: MA. Experience with specialized motor interventions for infants and toddlers. Experience
in the assessment of need and implementation of adaptive equipment and assistive technology for
infants and toddlers.
Material and Equipment Directly Used: Computers, Printers, Copy and Fax Machines, Personal
Vehicle, etc.
CH 6.09
7.2009 update
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