Children`s Ministry

Contact information:
Executive Pastor Paul Hays
[email protected]
Pastor Paul oversees the entire Children’s Ministry Department. He is married to Renee and has
one child, Liam. He is licensed with the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Paul is an elder for
folks living in Twinsburg, OH. Formerly, he served in the U.S. Navy as a communications
expert for 10 years and spent 8 of those years overseas. He earned a Bachelors of Science degree
in Psychology from Troy University and is currently completing a Master of Divinity degree in
Christian Education from Ashland Theological Seminary. He enjoys family time, outdoor
activities and sports, fixing things, developing leaders, hanging out with and teaching kids of all
Children’s Ministry Coordinator Lydia Faber
[email protected]
Lydia and her husband, Kevin, have been members of Destiny Church for over two years. In
2014 they welcomed their son Clark into the world. Lydia has worked with children for over 10
years as a daycare teacher, babysitter, Sunday School teacher, and a private nanny. Aside from
loving on children in the name of Jesus, Lydia also enjoys running, reading and baking.
Kidz Clubz Leader Stacey Jones
[email protected]
Office Manager Mary Bisesi
[email protected]
Mary formally served on the administrative faculty at Columbia International University for 14
years; 11 years in a variety of positions in Student Development, the final 1 ½ years as Acting
Dean of Students and 3 years as the Director of Financial Aid.
Scripture Focus:
In Deuteronomy 6:4-9 it says: “Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, the LORD is one. Love the
LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength. These
commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts. Impress them on your children.
Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down
and when you get up. Tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads.
Write them on the door frames of your houses and on your gates.
Vision Statement:
Diligently partnering with families, to constantly surround our children with God’s love,
and impress His Word on their young hearts.
Values Statements:
We are passionate about seeing the children of our community “come unto Him” (Matthew
19:14), and we continue to support them as they, and their families, seek after Jesus.
We promote love and acceptance of others by striving to cultivate Christ-like relationships.
We seek to instill a passion for using the unique God-given gifts we possess to serve others in the
church and in the community.
We embolden all those involved in children’s ministry to share their Grace Story often, because
we never know who may be impacted.
We recognize that everyone has immense value and we aim to inspire the children and families
of Destiny to be bold beacons of Grace and Truth in our communities.
Definitions in our Children’s Ministry:
Kingdom Builders: Entire children’s ministry on Sunday mornings, ages 6 weeks - 6th grade
Kidz Kingdom: Children’s Ministry on Sunday mornings, ages Pre-K – 6th grade
Wee Kingdom: Nursery & Toddler Ministry on Sunday mornings, ages 6 weeks - 3 years
Kidz Clubz: Weeknight ministry for grades 1st-6th. Runs October through May.
What does a Sunday morning in Kingdom Builders look like?
Parents are asked to register their children (6 weeks - 6th grade) at our registration table in
the cafeteria before going into the church service. Infants & toddlers up to age 3 will be given a
sticker name tag, and their parent will be given a laminated tag to return at pick-up. Children age
4 through Grade 6 will be given a lanyard with their name tag which must be worn around their
Children age 4 through Grade 6 are asked to sit with their family during the beginning of
the church service, until they are all dismissed. Once they are dismissed, they are split up into
their appropriate age groups (PreK - K, 1st -3rd grade, & 4th-6th grade). Students Pre-K – 3rd
grade must be picked up by an adult at the end of service. Students grade 4th-6th grade are
dismissed on their own at the end of service.
Our littlest ones, in Wee Kingdom, who are 6 weeks - 3 years, are welcome to come to
the nursery/toddler room upon arrival and registration. Their parent must present the nursery or
toddler teacher with the laminated name tag upon pick up at the end of service.
Expectations & Requirements for adult volunteers in our Children’s Ministry
Having a personal relationship with Jesus
Regularly attending Destiny Church for at least three months
Agree to, and pass a background check
Be early. We expect you to be in your assigned position 15 minutes prior to service time
Help clean up their classroom at the end of services
Be available to attend quarterly Children’s Ministry Meetings & other relevant trainings
Be neat in your appearance
Wear your name tag while serving
Never leave children unattended
Secure a substitute should the need arise, contact leadership to inform them of the change
Read all information contained in Children’s Ministry Manual & sign acknowledgement
Requirements for teen volunteers in our Children’s Ministry
(Teens are not required to pass a background check)
Have their parent/guardian sign a form of consent
Participate in Teen Training before serving
There should be NO TECHNOLOGY out in the classroom unless a teacher asks a student to look
up a verse from a Bible App. If a child has a cell phone or other electronic device out, ask them
nicely to put it away. If they continue to be distracted by the device, follow through the
guidelines of our behavioral policy.
Please be a good example of this rule when you’re with the children! You should not have cell
phones or other technology devices out other than in an emergency situation.
Classroom Behavior and Discipline Policy
Destiny Church strives to offer a place of love, care, and safety to all children entrusted to us.
We are committed to teach, encourage, and direct young children to the love of God, salvation
through His Son, Jesus Christ, and obedience to His Word.
In order for these goals to be accomplished, it is essential that the classroom and gym activities
have guidelines that offer consistent rules of conduct and consequences for disobedience to those
rules. This will ensure the safety of all children as well as a positive learning environment where
love, joy, and peace will be the sense that each child, as well as their parents, receive while in the
Kingdom Builders area.
The following list is a set of behaviors that is expected from each child.
Hands to self, raise hand to talk
Walking feet
Quiet mouth when someone is talking, Indoor voices
Always be kind
If the child fails to obey these rules, or others not specifically mentioned that would harm
themselves or others, disrupt the class or encourage further misbehavior of other children, the
following steps will be taken:
First offense
spoken to and behavior corrected by the teacher
Second offense
spoken to and behavior corrected by the teacher and sit outside the
room for five minutes (Kidz Kingdom only)
Third offense
Parent is called from the service to take their child
These rules will be sent home at the beginning of each school year. This policy will be
administered in love with gentleness and kindness. The goal is to teach, train, and correct in
righteousness (2Timothy 3:16). This policy allows for the structure and control that will allow
all children to grow and learn as we continue to strive to teach them God’s Word.
Bathroom/Diapering Procedures
When a child needs to go the bathroom, take at least one other child or volunteer along.
When helping a preschooler in the restroom, always leave the door open far enough that other
workers could see in. Never shut the restroom door.
Do not allow the children to watch while another child is using the restroom.
Children grades 4-6 may go to the restroom in same-sex pairs. However, permission must first
be given by an adult volunteer.
In case of a bathroom issue or emergency, the child’s parent should be called from the service to
deal with the situation.
Illness policies
It is our goal to provide the healthiest environment possible for all children involved. Volunteers
may refuse care to a child at any time for any of the reasons listed below or for any other illness
that they feel would bring other children’s health into jeopardy.
Fever: Children must be fever free without fever-reducing medicines for 24 hours
Pinkeye: Children must be on antibiotics prescribed by a doctor for 24 hours
Diarrhea: Children must be diarrhea free for 24 hours
Strep Throat: Children must be on antibiotics prescribed by a doctor for 24 hours
Rash: No children should be cared for with a rash, unless determined by a doctor that it is not
contagious (other than a diaper rash).
Chicken Pox: Children may not return until all spots are scabbed over
Lice: Children may not return until 24 hours after treatment and child is lice and nit free
Emergency Policies
Safety Policy – At Destiny church we strive to offer a safe, fun place to learn about God, His
world and His love for us. To ensure the safety of each child entrusted to our care, we have
implemented this policy for the caregivers to follow.
Emergency Accidents/Injuries – Whenever an injury of a child occurs the following questions
must be considered:
Is the child unresponsive?
Is the child having difficulty breathing?
If any of these questions is answered “yes”, the adult in the classroom will contact a member of
the Destiny Church leadership team, found in the fellowship area or the worship service. That
person will call for appropriate emergency help. The child’s parents will also be notified
Non-emergency Accidents/Injury – Always offer first aid to an injured child. Wear disposable
gloves if cleaning up blood or other bodily fluids. Disposable gloves are found in the nursery or
first aid kit. An emergency first aid kit is always located in the traveling bins with the other
If the situation warrants, the parent should be called from the worship service and provided a
detailed description of the situation.
Reporting of accidents/injuries - Parents as well as the Children’s Ministry Coordinator need to
be informed of the injury and the circumstances surrounding the incident. Parent notification
forms as well as church documentation forms are found in the registration box. Both must be
completed on the day of the injury and the parent notification form should be given to parents
when the child is picked up. The church documentation form should be completed before the
end of church that day and given to the Children’s Ministry Coordinator. Follow up with a
phone call to the parents the day after the injury takes place to determine if further injuries have
developed and to express your care and concern for the child involved.
Hazardous Weather – In the event of dangerous weather volunteers should follow the
guidelines below.
Stay calm
Move your classroom in a quiet and orderly manner to a bathroom or interior safe place.
Await further instructions
Fire – the first priority in any fire is that all children and volunteers’ safety is maintained. Any
attempt by volunteers to put out the fire is absolutely forbidden unless judgment to do so is
unquestionable and presents no possible danger to anyone present. Follow directions below in
the event of a fire.
Stay calm
In an orderly manner, gather children to prepare to evacuate.
If you are a volunteer who is not assigned a classroom, report to the nearest classroom for
Evacuate when you are ordered to by church leadership, or when you are in danger (see
Follow evacuation maps which are posted in every classroom.
Parents may stay with you and assist, but they MAY NOT take their child and leave during an
Missing Child – Time is critical if a child is reported missing. Volunteers should contact a staff
member as soon as possible with the following information:
Color of hair, shirt and skin
Classroom where child was checked in
The person reporting the lost child should remain with the staff member until further direction is
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