Declaration of Independence Analysis

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Declaration of Independence Analysis
Directions: Read through the Declaration of Independence. Extra space is provided in the margins to take
notes and make comments as you read, which you should do with any primary source you read. Answer
the questions 1-5 on this handout after reading the primary source. Extra room has been provided for
extra information to be contributed in class. Your answers will be discussed in the next class meeting.
Some of these questions may require some research on your part…use your textbook for help!! 10 pts.
1. What is the Declaration of Independence? Define and describe it in your own words. Try not to use
the words “declaration” or “independence” in your answer .
2. What influences were seen in the Declaration of Independence? Think about people and documents
in MEH as well as historical events (distant ones and fresh ones in the minds of the men who signed it)
3. The Declaration of Independence is structured like a 5-paragraph essay. Identify and describe what
the parts are and their purpose.
4. Think about viewpoints…what kind of men (occupations, background, etc) backed up this document
with their signatures? In other words, what kind of people were behind the messages in the document
US Soldiers
Free Blacks
Native Americans
Other European Countries
5. How would the various groups represented above react to the Declaration of Independence? Pick
5 from the list above and outline how you believe they would react. Support your answer with