The Dialogue for Direction form is a standard

Completing the Dialogue for Direction Form
Exempt Supervisory Staff Positions
The Dialogue for Direction form is a standard Microsoft Word document that can be completed online. Please review these helpful hints:
The supervisor should complete Sections I, IV and V.
A meeting should be scheduled at a mutually convenient time to provide the supervisor and
staff member ample opportunity to prepare for and discuss the performance review. Refer
to the Dialogue for Direction Guide for Staff and/or the Dialogue for Direction Guide for
Supervisors for details on this process. Both guides are available on the Office of Human
Resources Development (HRD) website at
The Dialogue for Direction form should be given to the staff member to complete Sections II,
III and VI.
Once both parties have completed the form, another meeting should be held to conclude the
annual review process.
The supervisor and the staff member must sign the review. Signed Dialogue for Direction
forms are then sent to HRD, located in the Financial and Administrative Service Building
(FASB). Annual appraisals are maintained in the staff member’s official personnel file,
located in HRD.
If you have any questions regarding the Dialogue for Direction process, please contact your designated
Human Resource manager:
Jamie Harlow, PHR
Associate Director
[email protected]
Jen Conley
Assistant Director
[email protected]
Performance Review for Exempt Supervisory Staff
Job Title:
Time in Position:
DISCUSSION OF JOB – Identify key duties and responsibilities as well as department and University goals:
II. COMPETENCY AREAS – Provide a general narrative of demonstrable work-related actions over the last year
which highlights the competency areas noted below.
Planning and Organization – Demonstrates the ability to determine appropriate priorities as well as accurately
and thoroughly complete assignments within established time constraints.
Problem solving and Decision Making – Demonstrates the ability to anticipate and solve problems by
identifying and collecting relevant data, analyzing and evaluating appropriate alternatives and taking initiative to
resolve problems in a prompt, positive and collegial manner.
Training and Professional Development – Demonstrates an understanding of the importance of professional
development both personally and for the staff that report to you. Views training as an essential component of the
position and acts proactively to continuously upgrade skills that will enhance job performance.
Communication Skills – Demonstrates effective verbal and written communication skills as well as listening
skills. Presents ideas persuasively and/or conducts effective presentations as necessary and/or appropriate.
Salary Administration Process – Demonstrates an understanding of the key concepts of the Dialogue for
Direction (performance appraisal) program and the resultant merit review program.
Budget and Fiscal Oversight – Demonstrates an understanding of the importance of maintaining prudent fiscal
operations in an effort to ensure the effective management of departmental financial resources as well as
compliance with P-card, purchasing, gift and other expense policies.
University Policies – A supervisor is directly involved in the interpretation of and adherence to University policies.
Demonstrates a general understanding of University policies such as diversity, civility, general expectations, sexual
harassment prevention, health and safety, time reporting, progressive discipline, grievances, access/disclosure of
employee records/University property, drug-free and alcohol-free workplace and privacy of medical information.
Other Competency Areas (as identified by the supervisor)
III. STAFF MEMBER’S PLANNING – Proposal(s) for objectives/direction for the next fiscal year.
IV. SUPERVISOR’S PLANNING – Statement of priorities, direction and expectations for the next fiscal year.
SUPERVISOR’S REMARKS – Job performance, attainment of prior objectives, accomplishments,
commendations, areas for improvement and/or recommendations.
Supervisor Signature
I acknowledge that I have been given the opportunity to read and discuss this review with my
supervisor. I understand that if I disagree with any of the information contained herein, that I may
submit a written statement explaining my position which shall be maintained as a part of my
personnel file. My signature does not necessarily signify that I agree or disagree with this review. I
understand that I may have a copy of this review and the original will be placed in my official
personnel file.
Employee Signature
Revised 4/2015
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