Regents Physics - Hastings on Hudson Schools

Hastings High School
Mr. Willie
Regents Chemistry
Lab Report Guidelines
Lab reports are to be typed. All written sections (Introduction,
Materials/Procedure, and Conclusion) are to be in complete sentences in the
passive voice, not in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd person (“I”, “we”, etc). An outline of the
essential points to be included in the lab report will usually be generated in
class at the conclusion of the experiment. The sections of the report must
include the following:
1. Introduction
 This will include the objective or brief summary of the
experiment and definitions/discussions of key terms/concepts in
the experiment.
2. Materials/Procedure
 Include all relevant steps and materials.
3. Diagram
 Each report will include a large (1/2 page minimum), labeled
diagram of the laboratory set-up. This must be done on the
computer and should be modeled after the diagram drawn on
the white board at the beginning of the experiment.
4. Data/Calculations
 The original table(s) of data and as well as the original,
handwritten calculations with units must be included. It is not
necessary to type or re-write the data and calculations.
 All graphing labs shall include a handwritten graph, including
labels, units, an appropriate scale (data must occupy 51% or
more of each graph axis). An Excel graph, with a trendline,
equation, and r2 value must be included for each handwritten
graph, as well.
5. Conclusion
 The conclusion should include an accounting of all numerical
results, including units, as well as a discussion of derived
equations and mathematical relationships.
6. Citation(s)
 Be sure to cite any sources used in the report.