2013-2014 Awards

University Faculty Awards
Benjamin Harrison Medallion
Karen Dawisha, Political Science
Distinguished Service Award
Kip Alishio, Director of Student Counseling Service
Becky Dysart, Human Resources
Distinguished Scholar Award
Mary Jean Corbett, English
Gary Lorigan, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Abdoulaye Saine, Political Science
Jing Zhang, Statistics
Distinguished Teaching Award for Excellence in
Graduate Teaching & Mentoring
Stacey Lowery Bretz, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Women’s Leadership and Male Ally Awards
Gerald Yearwood, Diversity Affairs
ASG Outstanding Professor
Othello Harris, Sociology & Gerontology
Jennie Elder Suel Distinguished Woman of Color
Monica Ways, Community Engagement & Service
Crossan Hays Curry Distinguished Educator
James Killy, Art
Alumni Association Effective Educator
Timothy Greenlee, Marketing
James Robeson Junior Faculty Award for Research
Brett Smith, Marketing
Richard K. Smucker Teaching Award for Outstanding
Clinical Professor
Rocco Manzo, Management
A. Olson Generational Teaching Excellence Award
Michael Bailey-Van Kuren, Mechanical &
Manufacturing Engineering
CEC Outstanding Research Award
Chi-Hao Cheng, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Richard T. Delp Outstanding Faculty Award
Nazan Bautista, Teacher Education
Sigma Xi Researcher of the Year
Paul Larson, Mathematics
Excellence in Academic Advising Award
Patrick Murphy, English
Marti Kyger, Farmer School of Business
Katie Shoemaker, Residence Life
Regional Campuses Excellence in Teaching Award
Full-Time Faculty
Lisa Skryzhevska, Geography, Hamilton
Paul Harding, Biology, Middletown
Richard Farmer Senior Faculty Award for Research
Mark Griffiths, Finance
Regional Campuses Excellence in Teaching Award
Part-Time Faculty
Robert Weber, English, Hamilton
Starla Alexander, Art, Middletown
Richard K. Smucker Teaching Excellence Award for
Outstanding Professor
Peter Salzarulo, Management
Regional Campuses Excellence in Service Award
Kelli Lyon Johnson, English, Hamilton
Alan Cady, Biology, Middletown
Richard K. Smucker Teaching Excellence Award for
Outstanding Junior Professor
Jon Grenier, Accountancy
Scholars and Artists Recognition Award
Caryn Neumann, History, Middletown
Regional Campuses Excellence in Scholarship and
Creative Achievement Award
Martin Johnson, History, Hamilton
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