Ancestry Project Assignment

Multi-Genre Ancestry Project
Melding Fact, Interpretation, and Imagination
(Tom Romano, Writing with Passion)
You will research your topic (ancestry) just as you would for a traditional research paper: collecting information and recording it,
synthesizing the information, then presenting it through writing. Instead of the single, extended prose piece of a traditional
research paper, though, this project will consist of a number of creative pieces in various genres, imaginative writing based on
fact. You’ll organize all that writing and put it in a topic-appropriate package.
Genres: You must complete assignments 1-4. Detailed instructions are provided for each genre. Select three genres
from 5-8 to complete. Doing additional work is optional for additional points. Each due date below is for a quality
rough draft. You will get checked off for turning in the piece on time and given feedback. The points will be earned
with the final package on Oct. 17th.
Sept. 13th Travel Brochure
30 points
Sept. 19
Double Voice
20 points
Sept. 27
The News Article
30 points
Oct. 4
Dear Ancestor
20 points
The Six-Room Poem
Complete 3 pieces of writing from these 4 genre options; you may do more
The Recipe
than one piece from 1 genre
30 points (10 points per piece)
The List
All due Oct. 11th
Artifact Presentation
Final Product: You will be presenting your multi-genre writing pieces in a package of your choosing. Be sure to
include the following requirements. These will not be required as rough drafts. You may wish to complete these items
at any time. You will be presenting to your peers by discussing your project process and selecting your favorite piece
to read out loud.
 Create a title page that includes your name, date, title of the project
 Include a table of contents that state your titles of work, genre type, and
possibly page number (depends on your package type) (10 points)
 Write a letter to the reader which introduces your project and describes your
process. Be sure to include any information that the reader might need to
understand your ancestry and information provided in the project. This letter
must be a minimum of 200 words.
(20 points)
 Document your sources in a Works Cited page (20 points)
 You should create a package for your project that reflects the nature and spirit
of your subject. The pieces you create should be arranged in some logical
order. You should find some way to create flow/cohesion in your project. (10
 Present your final product by discussing your project process and selecting your
favorite piece to read out loud. Dress professionally on this day and be
prepared (know what you are going to say and prepare your reading ahead)
Primary Standards
Standard 1: Oral Expression/Listening:
Development of effective research questions and inquiry techniques leads to concise and appropriate presentation of information
Attention to evidence promotes successful writing revision and clarity of purpose
Standard 2: Reading:
Point of view’s relationship to historical context
The difference between primary and secondary sources
Various artistic media can provide diverse points of view to enhance a viewer’s understanding of an event
Standard 3: Writing:
Write informative/explanatory/persuasive texts to examine and convey complex ideas, concepts, and information clearly and accurately
through the effective selection, organization, and analysis of content
The writing process and steps to effective revision
Develop a fact-based topic
Standard 4: Research and Reasoning:
Conduct short as well as more sustained research projects to answer a question or solve a problem; narrow or broaden the inquiry when
Synthesize multiple sources on the subject, demonstrating; use parenthetical citations to document sources
Free Ancestor Search
Find your surname
Find the meaning of your first name
Death records
Immigration History
Be sure to proofread and revise each piece. See me or your peers for help as needed. Print in color if possible (color
printer for cost in library) and save in your “U” drive or mine “Schanss” Have fun! Take your time and really shine
with your writing, your creativity, and your voice.