Net Impact Chicago 2012 - 2014 Leadership Team Roles

2014-2016 Leadership Team Roles and
Please note:
 All Leadership Team members are expected to commit for two years
 Members of the Leadership Team must be dues-paying members of the Net Impact Chicago
Professional Chapter in order to serve on the Leadership Team. Join or renew online
 Applications to Leadership Team positions must be submitted no later than Monday, June
16, at 8 PM CDT.
 To apply for a leadership team role please complete the application form attached to this
email or visit our website
 For questions please email [email protected]
All Leadership Team members are expected to:
 Represent Net Impact Chicago (NIC) in a professional manner to enhance the chapter’s
brand image both in and out of Chicago
 Attend at least four chapter events each year
 Co-lead at least two chapter events during their term
 Attend monthly Leadership Team meetings
 Fulfill the time commitment required for their role, which varies based on the role and
particular month
Leadership Team positions include:
President (1)
Vice President of Operations (1)
Vice President of Finances/Treasurer (1)
Vice President, Communications and Marketing/Secretary (1)
Vice Presidents, Public Engagement (2)
Vice Presidents, Membership Engagement (1)
Vice President, Strategic Partnerships (2)
Vice Presidents, Action Projects and Service Corps (2)
Web Coordinator (1)
Social Media Coordinator (1)
501c3 Transition Team (1)
President (1) – Board Member
 Oversee Net Impact Chicago’s (NIC) strategic planning efforts
 Identify opportunities for strategic relationships at local, national, and (where applicable)
international levels
Serve as official liaison to Net Impact’s headquarters office in California (“Net Impact
Central”) via chapter calls, chapter reporting, and other communications, and communicate
all information relevant to NIC to the Leadership Team
Represent NIC at the Net Impact Annual Conference and/or ensure that other Leadership
Team members are present
Oversee the 501c3 Transition Team
Appoint and dismiss Leadership Team members in consultation with existing Leadership
Vice President of Operations (1) – Board Member
 Ensure that Net Impact Chicago (NIC) maintains its “Gold Status” with Net Impact Central by
tracking and monitoring programs and events
 Assist President in strategic planning and in overseeing Leadership Team members'
respective workplans
 Manage the completion of the Net Impact Annual Report
 Oversee the onboarding of new Leadership Team members
 Assist President in developing agendas and documents to inform Leadership Team
meetings and onboarding orientation/retreat
Vice President of Finances/Treasurer (1) – Board Member
 In partnership with President and Vice President of Operations, create an annual budget to
begin at the start of the fiscal year (May 1)Monitor the Net Impact Chicago budget, bank
account balance, dues income, and expenses to ensure liquidity and general financial health
 Maintain and reconcile all financial information and accounts using sound financial
procedures in case of audit
 Serve as signatory authority for all expenses and reimbursements, along with President and
Vice President of Operations
 Report all monies received and paid to the Leadership Team
 Reimburse Leadership Team for event-related expenses
Vice President of Communications and Marketing/Secretary (1) – Board Member
 Develop and manage a communications strategy, in consultation with President, to enhance
the Net Impact brand and generate awareness about NIC events and activities
 Record, share, and save minutes from monthly Leadership Team meetings
 Gather and organize information for bi-weekly Net Impact Chicago’s newsletter. This
includes soliciting team members for event wrap-ups, taking and gathering photos, and
sharing valuable information to engage an online audience
 Ensure marketing materials are up to date
 Provide guidance and support to communication team (Web and Social Media Coordinators)
 Serve as a consultant to other Leadership Team members on marketing and
communications strategies to attract audiences
Work with Web and Social Media Coordinators and Vice President(s) of Public Engagement
to ensure that all communications platforms are consistent, professional, clear, and free of
grammatical errors
Vice Presidents of Public Engagement (2)
 Responsible for ensuring that the minimum number of events required for “Gold Status” are
planned and implemented each year, be it by planning events themselves or by helping
others plan events
 Support event organizers in planning and organizing logistics to ensure events are
successful (e.g. managing supplies, signage, photos, setting up and managing the
 Create Net Impact Chicago’s yearly programming calendar, which must incorporate at least
five to six professional development and/or issue awareness events
 Work closely with Vice Presidents of Strategic Partnerships to secure critical components of
Net Impact events, particularly venues and speakers
Vice President of Membership Engagement (1)
 Devise and implement a plan to grow, engage, and highlight the accomplishments of Net
Impact membership
 Plan and implement membership outreach and administration: acknowledge new and
renewed members, process membership forms
 Host “All Net Impact” socials for members of Net Impact Chicago and of student chapters
 Act as the single point of contact for all membership-related inquiries, including by
monitoring the “[email protected]” email inbox
 Oversee, manage, and implement Leadership Team recruitment activities such as the
leadership recruitment event and end-of-year event
 Report membership statistics and manage membership directory
Vice Presidents of Strategic Partnerships (2)
 Design strategy for building sustainable partnerships that position the chapter for success in
advancing its mission, member engagement, and/or financial stability
 Initiate relationship-building efforts that will help generate funds, grow membership, and
assist the chapter with strengthening its role in Chicago
 Manage external relationships with businesses, other Net Impact chapters, and nonprofits,
including arranging sponsorships and facilitating event partnerships
Vice Presidents of Action Projects and Service Corps (2)
 Organize and manage at least two diverse volunteer opportunities for members that align
with Net Impact Chicago’s mission
 Oversee and implement Net Impact’s staple impact program: Service Corps (e.g. the
chapter’s annual “Crack-A-Case”). This includes identifying community partners in need of
consultation, recruiting Net Impact members and supporters to act as consultants, and
measuring the success of all Service Corps and community service projects
Identify community, corporate, or government projects that provide an opportunity to utilize
membership skills and knowledge to create positive impact
Web Coordinator (1)
 Maintain chapter webpage and upload information generated by Leadership Team
 Analyze website form and function for improvement opportunities, including sharing traffic
statistics with Leadership Team
 Work closely with Leadership Team to identify opportunities to continuously enhance
website content
 Work with VP of Finances to ensure that all web-related services are paid for
 Gather bios and headshots of Leadership Team members and post them on the Net Impact
Chicago website
 Manage access to online communication platforms (Google groups, DropBox) and update
Social Media Coordinator (1)
 Develop strategy for building and engaging online supporters/followers
 Maintain regular social media activity, particularly around chapter events. This includes “live
tweeting”, updating Facebook, and the chapter’s LinkedIn page.
 Assist VP of Communications in developing monthly chapter newsletter
 Manage access privileges to social media platforms
501c3 Transition Team (1)
Net Impact Chicago Professional Chapter will be transition to full 501c3 status over 2014. We
are looking for committed and passionate individuals to provide their knowledge of the process,
share resources when necessary, and ensure the successful transition of the chapter to a taxexempt, non-profit organization.
The transition team is a great learning opportunity for those interested in non-profit management
or starting their own non-profit.
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