official press release

Helsinki, Finland 2011-06-30
Sports Tracker – the Nokia-born leader in sports tracking
applications - leaps on to Android
Practice makes perfect! After years of development and millions of downloads on the Symbian
platform, the Nokia-born leader and category founding sports tracking application is fit for a
new challenge:
As of today Sports Tracker for Android is finally available from the Android Market. For free.
Track and analyze your performance, share workout data and photos with your friends, and
most of all – get fit and stay healthier. Whether cycling, running or walking, Sports Tracker
makes training more social and fun and helps its users live healthier and happier lives.
The Symbian version of Sports Tracker has dominated the download charts of Nokias’ Ovi
Store and made a big splash when it launched on the iPhone earlier this summer. It’s among
the highest rated tracking apps and has been a TOP5 Health & Fitness app in more than 25
markets in the iPhone App Store.
With an active community of millions of users around the world in over 200 countries, Sports
Tracker has been used to track more than 62 million training miles (100 million kilometers)
in the past year alone.
Sports Tracker for Android comes with new powerful social features in addition to the awardwinning tracking capabilities, making it the most feature-packed and professional
sports tracker app for the Android OS:
Track and analyze your performances, monitor your progress
Store all training data in your personal workout diary
Keep track of everything from calories burned to average training speed and altitude
Use maps, time and distance calculators
Share workout data and photos with other trackers on Sports Tracker, Facebook and
See your friends' profiles and comment their workouts and photos
Explore the globe to discover new routes, trails and adventures worldwide
Sports Tracker for Android also supports the Polar Wearlink + transmitter with Bluetooth
heart rate monitor that is sold separately at
Together with the full-featured online service at– with detailed
maps and an enhanced experience – Sports Tracker is the most powerful social sports
tracking solution available on the Android platform.
Supported platforms:
- Android OS 2.1 and above
- Devices with screen resolution of 480x800 and 480x845
Download Sports Tracker for Android from the Android Marketplace:
Hands-on video introducing the app:
More information, screenshots and press kits available at:
Sports Tracker online service:
Sports Tracker blog:
Media contact:
Mr. Jussi Solja
[email protected]
+358-45 883 0199
About Sports Tracking Technologies Ltd
Our mission is to help people connect through sports, train better and live healthier, happier
lives. We do this by creating innovative tools for outdoor activity tracking and analyzing. Our
products provide informative on-line training data and the possibility to share workouts and
experiences with other trackers across the globe.
The Sports Tracker mobile application was originally created in 2004, when the founding
team worked at Nokia Research Center. The founders had a vision of an easy and fun training
application that would help people train better and connect with each other. The Nokia Sports
Tracker Beta was launched in 2007 gathering a huge global following as the first application
of it's kind to hit smart phones. The current company Sports Tracking Technologies was
founded in 2009 after a successful spin-off from Nokia.
The application is the brainchild of Ykä Huhtala, Jussi Kaasinen and Antti Sorvari, who
together hold over 25 years of experience from R&D, marketing and developing new mobile
products and online services.
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