Honors Option Parent letter - Red Bank Regional High School

September 15, 2015
Dear Parent/Guardian:
During his or her freshman year at Red Bank Regional High School, your child has the opportunity to
enroll in the English I honors option embedded in the college preparatory class. Your child may feel ready
for the rigorous challenges typical of an honors program, so to provide those challenges, RBR offers this
unique program. While enrolled in the honors option students develop advanced writing skills and receive a
weighted grade for English 1 CP. Our guidance department uses this weighted average to calculate your
child’s grade point average.
An English student wishing to participate in the honors option must:
Complete six honors projects assigned by his/her teacher throughout the school year.
Demonstrate ambition and commitment to academic success by completing all honors and college
preparatory assignments in a timely fashion.
Maintain a level of decorum indicative of an honors student.
Create a portfolio of his/her honors assignments.
Each of the above requirements is mandatory to receive honors credit for English 1 CP. Mr. McDonough,
the English Department Supervisor, and Ms. Keller, the Freshman Academy Supervisor, will monitor
student achievement by receiving progress reports from each English teacher, and may remove any student
failing to fulfill these requirements from the honors program. However, we will work closely with students
to ensure they have the support they need to be successful honors students.
All students will receive the first honors assignment during the first marking period. Students choosing to
complete this assignment may then enroll in the honors option during the second marking period. Some
students may complete the assignment and, with their parents’ permission, decide they are not ready for the
honors class at this time. Either choice will reward your child with a challenging curriculum that
strengthens academic skills and provides preparation for post-secondary education.
Please discuss this opportunity with your child. In the coming weeks, s/he will receive the first honors
project and a form you both must complete indicating your decision.
Thank you for your time and please contact us with any questions or concerns.
Freshman English Teachers
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