Youth in the 1920s

The Perspective of Youth in the 1920s
A – Negative – saying that we have a lack of respect for adults
A2 – Negative – Women only value materialistic things and are oblivious to life. They are
trophy to wealthy men.
B – Girls are seducing boys by their dress and the way they talk. These behaviors go
against the pure values of American society (negative)
C – Negative – says that the dancing of today is much more disrespectful
D – Negative – The morality of America’s youth is diminishing, until eventually our country
will be a “pit of moral chaos” and we won’t care
E – Lack of self-control, total irresponsibility, and carelessness in the moral obligations of
F – Positive – The young people today still have the same good morals and are just as
loving, it’s just that some of the ways of life have changed.
G – Postiive – Today’s youth are overflowing with high sprits and happiness but in a very
unique way.
H – People have to work hard to be successful, specifically in school. It has to do with
where you were born in society.
I – If society had a positive view of high school and college students, the world would be
different. For the most part, students do good things that are not noticed. Society can bring
students down and corrupt them.