World History: Africa Study Guide

World History: Africa Study Guide
What was the chief means of social and political organization in African stateless
Lineage groups
What did Africans mainly provide in the trade between East Africa and West
Gold and salt
The Swahili language developed from a mixture of what languages?
Arabic and Bantu
What is the age-set system?
The responsibilities you have at different ages, or learning your roles and/or
responsibilities at different times in you life based on your age
The original Almohads and Almoravids were both a part of which group?
Muslim reformers
Where is the region known as the Maghrib located?
Near the Mediterranean Sea
How did the rulers of Ghana grow rich?
Trade and taxing the traders
Who was Mali’s first great leader?
What people broke away from Mali’s empire and gained control of the
all-important trade routes?
Songhai people
Which event had the greatest effect on the growth of Islam in East Africa?
The increase of trade
Archaeologists believe that the Great Enclosure of Great Zimbabwe was
mainly intended to do what?
Protect and defend the city
The name Mutapa came from a phrase meaning what?
What does it mean if an African society is matrilineal?
Children trace their ancestors through their mother’s side
Why did the African trade routes shift to the east several times?
Trade routes moved because they found gold in other places
How did Islam spread throughout Africa?
Trade and conquests
Explain the important change that took place in travel and how it lead to the
growth of the great Kingdoms.
 The change was the use of camels to go across the desert
 How is that a change – they can move faster than other animals, they drink
less water, etc
 They can trade more and need to start establishing trade cities which can
grow as trade grows there will be more money which will lead to more people
being there
 As these small cities grow they grow into kingdoms
What purposes do lineage groups and age-set systems serve in stateless societies?
Think about things like; organization, inheritance rights and leadership
 What is a stateless society?
 It’s a society with no centralized government
 Because there is no government, lineage (family history) is how society is
 Lineage also tells who inherits what who is going to become the next leader
 The age set system is what teaches the people in society what they have to do
at different points or ages in their lives