guidelines for the selection of members

The purpose of the AWF’s Hall of Fame to be known hereafter as “the Hall” is to provide the ultimate peerrecognition by the Australian weightlifting community to the greatest performers and achievers in the sport
whether they be athletes, coaches, administrators, founders and other contributors who have had significant
impact on the development and conduct of the sport in Australia.
Induction to “the Hall” will be by invitation from the AWF Board, and will only be carried out upon formal
acceptance in writing by the proposed inductee of the invitation and its conditions.
Membership of “the Hall”, once bestowed and accepted, is in perpetuity. Once accepted,membership cannot be
terminated by a resignation by the Member. Membership can only be withdrawn or terminated by the AWF Board
of Directors because of a grave breach of the entry conditions by the inductee which, in the opinion of the AWF
Board of Directors brings “the Hall” into d i s r e p u t e .
All Members of “the Hall” will have equal status and benefits at all times, irrespective of the timing or order of
each Member’s induction.
The Australian Weightlifting Hall of Fame is the property of the Australian Weightlifting Federation and all
intellectual property, memorabilia, artefacts, citations, agreements and financial records will be in its care. All
matters pertaining to the structure, operation, funding,policy implementation et al will be the responsibility of
the Australian Weightlifting Federation.
Members of the AWF will be invited to submit submissions on the respective form to the AWF Office via email
[email protected], as per the Process for Selection of Potential Members detailed in this document.
Ultimately, the AWF Board of Directors will determine who should been invited to be inducted into the
Membership is offered in two categories:
Member - Athlete Member - Builder
Member - Builder category embraces all contributors other than athletes such as, administrators, coaches, sport
scientists, sports medicine personnel, and founders of the sportingbody.
Any person convicted of serious breaches of weightlifting rules and regulations suchas using, providing or
being in possession of performance enhancing substances or assault on officials or are serial offenders of
competition rules and the like are ineligible for selection as Me mb er s .
The AWF Board of Directors determines the eligibility or otherwise of each candidate. The inductee receives a
lapel badge and a medallion designed and struck exclusively for members of the AWHF.
The number of Members inducted each year should be controlled bearing in mind:• that only the greatest performers, achievers and contributors should be honoured as Member
- Athletes.
• As a guideline, an athlete should not be invited to membership if the performances nominatedin support of
the nomination are not of true international standard. Conversely, winners of Olympic Gold Medals or world
championships should automatically qualify for membership unless other degrading circumstances exist.
• To qualify for induction as a Member- Builder, the contribution made to weightlifting should beeither unique
(e.g. founder of the national body),
• or of a quality and/or duration well in excess of that provided by others and above and beyondthe normal
expectations of service to weightlifting, or
• make a major ongoing contribution to weightlifting such as through the development of equipment, or
the treatment of injuries or the provision of services of a specialised nature.
The selection criteria must be objective and rigid in its application so as to avoid the possibility of “promotion
of personal preferences’ by anyone associated with the selection process.
Minimum attainment levels recognised might be the winning of Olympic medals, podium p l a c i n g s at world
championships, gold medals at Commonwealth Games competitions, world orCommonwealth records. It is
not anticipated that the winning of Australian titles or setting of Australian records would be of a sufficient
standard in themselves to qualify a candidate for selection.
For Member-Builders, there must be a need for unique or extraordinary contributions to weightlifting such as
long-term holding of national or international positions during which time
significant progress was made by weightlifting generally or by the AWF or its predecessors.
The schedule for induction of new Members will be:
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6
Year 7
Member - Athletes
Member - Builders
In following years, a maximum of one new Member per year (either Athlete or Builder, but not
both) be admitted to membership. There may be years that no new Member to “the Hall” is nominated.
The prospective inductee is required to accept the invitation to membership of “the Hall” in writing and to
formally agree to the conditions of membership which are:
• Membership is accepted in perpetuity.
• Membership cannot be terminated by resignation of the Member but may be by a mutual cancellation by
the Member and the AWF in extraordinary circumstances.
• Membership of a Member may be terminated by the AWF Board of Directors if in the opinion of the
members of the Board that “the Hall’ has been brought into disrepute by a serious crime against society or
action such as involvement in doping activities or the like against therules and regulations of the AWF has
been proven to have been committed. No appeal againstsuch termination is available but reinstallation to
“the Hall” may be considered after a periodof at least seven years has passed since the original termination.
• Use of the Member’s name, deeds and likeness may be made for marketing of “the Hall”, promotion,
advertising of public relations purposes by the the AWF provided advance notice ofsuch promotion or
advertising is given to the Member at least seven days before such activityis commenced. Members may
choose to allow such use of their name, deeds and likeness onan ongoing basis and simply provide consent to
this in writing at any time.
• Any profit made by the AWF in marketing “the Hall” will remain with the AWF and no profits will distributed
to the AWHOF members.
• The Member will, where practicable, provide memorabilia or artefacts of his/her w e i g h t l i f t i n g career to
the AWF for exhibition in any future building or location designated as its Hallof Fame or Sports Museum.
• Nomination of potential inductees may be submitted in writing by any person via email
[email protected] However, only those nominations that provide a minimum required level of
information will be processed. The minimum level will include the candidate’s full name and a summary of
his or her best performances.
• Receipt of the nominations is to be acknowledged to the nominator with advice as to whetherthe nomination
has met the minimum criteria for processing. A register of all nominations will be maintained in perpetuity
with an indication as to whether the nomination was forwarded for processing.
• All nominations received via email [email protected] willberegistered. The nominator may be asked
to confirm the details of performances, achievements or contributions submitted and expand on them
where appropriate and necessary. These detailsare to form the basis of Citations which are to accompany the
actual announcement of selection of each candidate.
• After induction, the citation is to be scrutinised by the potential inductee and signed by him orher as an
accurate and acceptable resume of their performances, achievements or c o n t r i b u t i o n s .
• ensure that a minimum period of 40 days gap exists between the selection of the inductees and the conduct
of the Induction Ceremony in order to optimise the prospect of contacting theselected inductees, inviting
their agreement to enter “the Hall”, receiving their response and carrying out the logistical requirements for
their attendance at the Induction Ceremony.
It is desirable that an objective basis for selection of successful candidates for induction to “theHall” as MemberAthletes be established. The recommended basis is by way of a fixed point system with candidates only being
eligible for selection if they have achieved a minimum of twenty (20) qualifying points.
A points table which would provide this outcome would be:
Olympic Gold Medal 20
World Championship Gold Medal 20
Olympic Silver Medal 12
World Championship Silver Medal 12 World Record 12
Olympic Bronze Medal 8
World Championship Bronze Medal 8 Commonwealth Games
Gold Medal (Total) 6
Qualifying for final of Olympic tournament (in top 8) 6 Qualifying for World
Championship Final (in top 8) 6 Commonwealth Games Silver Medal (Total) 4
National Championship winner (Max. 3) 3 each Commonwealth
record (Max. 3) 3 each Commonwealth Games Bronze Medal
(Total) 3Australian record (Max. 3) 2 each
The AWF Board will have discretionary power to increase the rating ofany candidate by a maximum of two
(2) points. In the case of athletes participating prior to1950, the AWF Board will have discretionary power to
consider candidates outside the points system.
Selection of Member-Builders is a much more subjective process and a point system would bevery difficult to
establish and apply.
A candidate should only be considered for induction to “the Hall” if he or she, for example:
• was responsible for the founding of weightlifting in Australia or for the establishment of thenational body
or acceptance as a national sport by the national Government for funding eligibility.
• represented Australian Weightlifting with distinction on an international body or a major national body (e.g. The
Australian Olympic Committee, the Australian Commonwealth Games Association, the Confederation of
Australian Sport, the Australian Sports Commission or similar).
• held an executive or prominent position in Australian Weightlifting and provided service orcontribution
over an extended period of time of a quality above and beyond that of othersperforming the same service,
and who has during his or her stewardship demonstrably contributed to the positive development of the
Olympic sport of Weightlifting.
• was the coach of multiple athletes who achieved Hall of Fame rating points exceeding a totalof 120 points.
• was a physiotherapist, sports scientist or sports medicine person who has provided long-term service of high
quality to weightlifting.
Obviously there are other areas of activity within Australian Weightlifting where potential inductees could
contribute or perform their functions with such distinction as to meritconsideration for selection as MemberBuilders.
Each Induction Ceremony should be held as a formal meeting of the AWF with the only item of business being
the announcement and selection of Members of “the Hall”.
The ceremony should be presided over by the Chair of the AWF Board who welcomes guests and
declares the meeting open.
The Chair acknowledges existing members of the AWHF.
The Chair then invites the MC to address the meeting and he/she announces the name of the first inductee
and reads the citation.
Presentation of the medallion to the new Member is made by the A W F C h a i r .
The new Member is invited to respond.
The MC then repeats the process by naming any other inductees.
Once all new members have been inducted the Chair thanks all those in attendance and closes the meeting.
Member – BUILDER Nomination Form
Name of Nominee:
/ 19
Current Address:
Post Code:
Details of achievements and outstanding service/contribution to Australian weightlifting (list in order with best first)
(list additional achievements on separate page and submit with this form)
Honours (Order of Australia, Sport Australia Hall of Fame etc)
Awards (Olympic honours, media awards, trophies etc)
Submitted by:
/ 2015
Please email completed form via email [email protected] no later than Monday 19th October, 2015.
Member – ATHLETE Nomination Form
Name of Nominee:
/ 19
Current Address:
Post Code:
Outstanding sporting performances (list in order with best first)
(list additional performances on a separate page and submit with this form)
Honours (Order of Australia, Sport Australia Hall of Fame etc)
Awards (Olympic Games medals, Commonwealth Games medals, media awards, trophies etc)
Submitted by:
/ 2015
Please email completed form via email [email protected] no later than Monday 19th October, 2015.
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