Classifying Reactions Review

Chemical Reactions: Sections 1 & 2 Review
Write word equations for the following skeleton equations:
Cu(s)  O2(g)  CuO(s)
K(s)  H2O(l)  KOH(aq)  H2(g)
CaCl2(aq)  Na2SO4(aq)  CaSO4(s)  NaCl(aq)
Balance and classify the following chemical equations.
SnS2(s) 
O2(g)  SnO2(s) 
(NH4)2Cr2O7(s) 
CO2(g) 
Cr2O3(s) N2(g) H2O(g)
H2O(l)  C6H12O6(s)  O2(g)
Write a balanced equation for each of the following reactions, substituting symbols and formulas for
names. Include the state of each reactant and product. Then identify the reaction type for each. If more
than one reaction type applies, list all that apply.
4. When aluminum nitrate and sodium hydroxide solutions are mixed, solid aluminum hydroxide
forms. The other product is sodium nitrate.
5. When magnesium is heated in the presence of nitrogen gas, solid magnesium nitride forms.
6. Most industrial production of metallic sodium is accomplished by passing an electric current through
molten sodium chloride. Chlorine gas also is produced.
7. Magnesium burns in air to form magnesium oxide.
8. When solid naphthalene (C10H8) burns in air, the reaction yields gaseous carbon dioxide and liquid
9. Solid magnesium reacts with nitrogen gas to produce solid magnesium nitride.
Write the chemical equations for each of the following synthesis reactions.
10. Boron + fluorine 
11. Germanium + sulfur 
12. Zirconium + nitrogen 
13. Tetraphosphorus decoxide + water  phosphoric acid
Write the chemical equations for the combustion of each of the following substances. If a compound
contains carbon and hydrogen, assume that carbon dioxide gas and liquid water are produced.
14. Solid barium
15. Solid boron
16. Liquid acetone (C3H6O)
17. Liquid octane (C8H18)
Write the chemical equations for each of the following decomposition reactions.
18. Magnesium bromide 
19. Cobalt (II) oxide 
20. Titanium (IV) hydroxide  titanium (IV) oxide + water
21. Barium carbonate  barium oxide + carbon dioxide
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