Cash Circulation: Models, Standards, Tendencies

The draft program of the 7th International Conference
"Cash Circulation: Models, Standards, Tendencies"
November 19-20, 2015, Moscow, "President-Hotel"
First day: Thursday November 19, 2015
"Cash circulation in the present-day world"
9.00 – 10.00 Registration of the participants, coffee, acquaintance with exhibition of banking technologies
10.00 – 10.15 Opening of the Conference. Welcoming speeches.
Session 1. Current models of cash circulation organization: international experience and
development tendencies. Regional aspects of the cash circulation.
Questions for discussion:
 The regulatory role of the central bank in organization and support of cash circulation
 Innovative strategies of central banks in the field of cash circulation.
 Problems of optimization of cash circulation structure and costs in the activities of central
 Modern methods of cash turnover cycle monitoring.
 Prolongation of banknotes life cycle and increasing of coins turnover as an instruments to reduce
cash handling costs.
Session 2. Interaction of the central and commercial banks, cash collection and specialized
companies in the process of cash turnover
Questions for discussion:
 Central banks' experience of implementation of innovations in the field of cash circulation: reengineering of cash circulation models, new series of banknotes, and others.
 Role of the central bank in support of sustainable cash turnover
 Ways to reduce risk of cash circulation in transferring of the central bank's functions to the other
participants of monetary circulation
 Changes in the regulatory framework of the Bank of Russia on cash circulation in conditions of
modern technological solutions implementation
 Programs of motivation of credit institutions, retailers and individuals in order to maintain the
purity of cash circulation and to ensure the growth of fractional coins recurrency.
Session 3. Integration of cash and non-cash payment instruments: organizational and technological solutions
Questions for discussion:
 Prospects of the development of cash and non-cash payments in the modern world
 Providing a harmonious combination of cash and non-cash payment instruments in the activities
of central banks
 Branchless banking development and cash payments
 National system of payment cards and its impact on cash circulation in Russia
 Condition of the market and the main trends of further development of self-service banking systems
 Terminals and self-service banking devices: innovations, solutions, services.
Session 4 Optimization of time and material costs of cash circulation business processes due
to the synergy of commercial banks actions, CIT companies and retailers
Questions for discussion:
 Optimization of cash handling infrastructure and logistic solutions for central and commercial
banks and CIT companies
 Cash-management is a necessary condition for cost optimization of cash turnover
 Cash circulation and retail trade. The requirements of retail chains to automation of cash flow
 Bank branches: network optimization, improving of the functioning efficiency (queues management systems, electronic cashiers, bank terminals)
 Key directions of intersectoral synergy in the activities of commercial banks, cash collectors and
retailers: the introduction of self-service systems, auto cash collection, cash recirculation
 The problems of cash collection and the new technologies of reception / delivery of cash.
 Ensuring security in cash turnover cycle.
18.00 – 19.00 Welcoming buffet. Visiting of the exhibition of banking technologies
Second day: Friday November 20, 2015
"Ways to improve cash turnover cycle"
Session 5. New approaches and solutions in the field of cash operations and process of cash
handling automation
Questions for discussion:
 Standardization of cash operations and organization of cash centers work in commercial banks.
The analysis of cash transactions efficiency of the bank.
 New IT solutions for automation of cash accounting for continuous processing of banknotes and
coins in the cash centers of banks.
 Experience of new solutions application for optimization of cash flow in commercial banks and
CIT companies.
 Innovations in cash and settlement services. Experience in projects implementation.
 Complex solutions on processing and packaging of coins on the basis of high-tech products and
innovative technologies
Session 6. Improving of the efficiency of cash transactions. Recycling and outsourcing as
instruments to reduce costs of money turnover
Questions for discussion:
 Modernization and optimization of cash handling processes, new trends and directions of
 Estimation of economic efficiency of operational processes in cash centers of commercial banks
 Recirculation technologies as means of reducing the cost of cash handling and automation of
management process of its turnover.
 New cash registers technologies and self-service devices in retail
 Modern equipment for processing, storage and transportation of fractional coins
 Condition of the market and main trends of further development of self-service banking technology
Session 7. Interaction of banks, retailers and law enforcement agencies in combating against
Questions for discussion:
Banknotes of new generations and modern requirements for the banknotes protection
Combating cash circulation crimes and counterfeiting prevention
The experience of law enforcement agencies in counterfeiting combating
Modern technologies of verification of banknotes and coins authenticity
Traditional and new methods of counterfeit banknotes detecting in retail
Using of ATMs for frauds. Methods for identifying and combating
16.45 – 17.00 Summarizing and closing of the Conference
17.00 – 19.00 Closing Reception.
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