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Date of Birth— 07/02/54
Place of Birth— Windsor U.K.
Citizenship— British
Marital status—Married Aug 1983
Children—Son born April 2000
Health—Good, non smoker
Bermuda Department of Civil Aviation BDCA - Worldwide - 2005 to Date
Airworthiness Inspector
Responsibilities: Carry out aircraft and document inspections, for the inclusion/renewal of aircraft:Certificate of Airworthiness C. of A.
Inspection for issue of Export C. of A.
Carry out inspection of facilities, procedures against MME, MCM, SMS, ASSI (OTAR) of:
Aircraft Maintenance Organisations (BDCA 145)
Training facilities (BDCA 147)
CAMO Organisations (CAMO OTAR 39)
Review BDCA Part 66 licensed engineers suitability and conformity.
Monitor the correct aircraft maintenance with respect to Maintenance Programme,
Airworthiness Directives, Service Bulletins, Ageing aircraft, EWIS and owners/airline and
regulatory requirements.
Gerry Tinson Enterprise - Worldwide - 2005 to Date
Freelance: Project Manager U.K. OGC Prince 2
Airworthiness Consultant
Airworthiness Inspector (DAI) BDCA
IBAC - IS-BAO Accredited Auditor. Carrying out IS-BAO registration
inspection and approval of organisations flight departments .
Gama Aviation Holdings FZC - Dubai UAE - 2010 to 2011
Quality Manager, Post Holder - Operations and Maintenance.
SMS Manager, Post Holder.
UAE GCAA approved CMR (Certificate of Maintenance Review) signatory for company aircraft.
Responsibility: Implementation and management of the companies QMS and SMS processes.
Author of companies MME, QM, ERP and SMS manuals. Perform QA Audits in Operational and
Maintenance departments. Provide feedback reports to the accountable manager on QMS/SMS
issues. Perform SMS SA audits and reviews. Extensive liaison with the UAE GCAA airworthiness
department, relating to: de/re-registration of aircraft, request for Permit to fly, the submission of
aircraft/company manuals and documentation for approval.
AVISA Aviation Safety Systems Ltd. - Bahrain - 2004 to 2005
Airworthiness Consultant.
Responsibilities: Physical inspection and conformity of Gulf Air Fleet of Airbus A320, A330 and
Review of Airworthiness Directives, Service Bulletins and scheduled maintenance in
accordance with EASA and (CAAB) Civil Aviation Authority of Bahrain requirements.
Monitor aircraft Maintenance Programme/Maintenance Schedule and liaise with Gulf Air’s
maintenance organisation (SRT) ensuring correct maintenance practices and procedures
throughout aircraft maintenance checks.
British Airways PLC. - London - 1987 to 2004
Senior Flight Engineer (SFO) Six years, L 1011 & DC 10. Member of the
Responsibilities: Flight deck crew member on L1011 and DC 10 fleet. Management team assigned,
after the merger of the two airlines, to integrate the British
Caledonian aircraft into the BA operation. Engineering down-route, CRS certification on both
aircraft types.
Senior First Officer (SFO), Boeing 737-200/400 & Boeing 777-200.
Private Flight Department (Royal Flight) - Abu Dhabi UAE 1980 to 1987
Responsibilities: Flying Engineer, Liaison and company Technical Representative.
Multi trade Engineer, Line maintenance on Boeing 707, 737 Airbus A300-600.
Project Manager: Delivery of new aircraft types from Airbus Toulouse and
Lufthansa Hamburg, liaison representative with BFE’s and VVIP equipment installers, production
inspector and final acceptance responsibilities.
Set up records department, ensuring UAE GCAA regulatory requirements were met.
Fields Aircraft Services - London - 1979 to 1980
UK CAA A & C Supervisor/Inspector.
Responsibilities: Supervisor to a staff of 25 carrying out scheduled major/minor maintenance,
modification and repair on HS 125/Falcon aircraft.
Air Transcontinental - Worldwide - 1978 to 1979
UK CAA A & C Station Engineer.
Responsibilities: Line maintenance of company’s 4 wet-lease Boeing 707.
Airline Engineering Luton – Larnaca Cyprus – 1977 to1978
UK CAA A & C Station Engineer.
Responsibilities: Line maintenance on 2 Boeing 720 aircraft leased to Cyprus Airways.
Supervision of 7 UK licensed engineers plus Cyprus Airways mechanics. On-the-job training course
established. Set up an Approved stores for aircraft spares and an aircraft records department.
BOAC/British Airways - London - 1970 to 1977
4 Year Aero Technician Apprenticeship.
1 Year - BA engine overhaul workshop.
2 1/2 Years - Boeing 707 Major Overhaul hangar.
UK CAA (EASA Pt.66) AML : No. 231249B (since 1976) Categories: A, B1 & C on the following Types:
Airbus A300-600 (PW JT9D)
Boeing 707/720 (PW JT3D)
Boeing 737-600/700/800/900 (CFM56)
Boeing 737-300/400/500 (CFM56)
EASA Human Factors course
SFAR 88 Fuel Tank Safety, Level 2, CDCCL
EASA Form 1, completion and certification training.
EASA Part M subpart G, ‘Continued Airworthiness Review’ completion and training.
EASA EWIS (Electrical Wire Interconnect Systems) training.
JAA Joint Airworthiness Authority: Regulatory Auditing Technique Training.
ISO 9001:2008 Lead Auditor.
ASSI OTAR (Overseas Territories Airworthiness Requirements) Training.
AN(OT)O Air Navigation Order training for UK Overseas Territories.
British Airways, Management training courses.
SMS Effective Implementation
PRINCE 2, Project Manager : No. P2R287686
IS-BAO, Accredited Auditor
A & P Ground Engineers licenses: No. 2322368 (since 1981)
A & C Ground Engineers licenses Validation No. 3 (Expired)
GCAA Air Law certificate
SMS Manager Post Holders
Quality Manager (Operations and Maintenance) Post Holder
CMR signatory approval
UK CAA (EASA) Flight Engineers Licence: No. FE/231249B on the following Types:
Boeing 707-300 (PW JT3D)
Lockheed L1011 (RR RB211)
McDonnell Douglas DC10 (GE CF6)
UK CAA (EASA) Airline Transport Pilot Licence: No. AT/23124B/A on the following Types:
Boeing 737 100-200 (PW JT8D)
Boeing 737 300-800 (CFM 56)
Boeing 777 200 (GE 90) and (RR Trent 895)
BOAC (British Airways) Aeronautical Technician Apprenticeship (4 years)
City & Guilds of London. Aeronautical Engineering Technicians Pts 1, 2 & 3
City & Guilds of London. Full Technical Certificates in both ‘Production’ and ‘Operational’
UK Secondary School education to ‘O’ level standard
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