WORK PLAN FOR FY 2014 - Cattlemen`s Beef Promotion and

CBB Budget Category(s): Promotion and Consumer Information
Name of Contractor:
Meat Import Council of America
Name of Organizations Subcontracting: Pennsylvania Beef
Council/Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative
A. WP Description and Background: The Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative will focus
on filling the resource gap and extending the national program in the area of enhancing the
domestic consumer preference for beef and beef’s image in the region where over 23% of
the American population lives, works, shops and dines but where only 2.4% of the national
checkoff dollars are collected. This work plan supports the vision and mission of the Beef
Industry Long Range Plan by reaching the millennial audience and focusing on the
essential demand drivers of value, taste, health and nutrition all while seeking to enhance
industry transparency and consumer trust.
B. Start date: October 1, 2013
Completion date: September 30, 2014
A. Long Range Plan Core Strategies/Demand Drivers Addressed: Improve Domestic
Consumer Preference for Beef including the demand drivers of Value, Health & Nutrition
and Taste and Strengthen the Image of Beef and the Beef Industry
B. Requested funding source (full or partial) for this WP: Cattlemen’s Beef
A. Long Range Plan Core Strategy 1: Improve Domestic Consumer Preference for Beef
Desired Outcome/Area of Focus: Value
Measurable objectives:
o Conduct a minimum of 5 channel educational training sessions
reaching at least 150 influencers total.
o Achieve at least a 25% increase in menuing/featuring beef and/or
accepting new recipes/cutting methods following training
presentation as measured by a pre and post survey.
o Attend and exhibit at a minimum of 3 channel trade shows with a
goal to increase contact database by 10%.
o Increase NEBPI website visitor traffic by 10% using inaugural year
(July 2012-2013) as benchmark.
Tactic 1A: Channel Education- Extend nationally developed marketing
and merchandising materials to channel partners. Organize channel
educational events, demonstrations and trainings to bring together
influencers in the industry and focus topics around beef’s value in the
protein category both in the meat case and on the menu. Utilize the
nationally developed Better Beef Sales and Beef University programs.
Coordinate ‘Beef in the Culinary Classroom’ grant program for postsecondary culinary schools and vocational technical programs, primarily
Millennials, located in the Northeast region where innovative new beef
cuts can be demonstrated to chefs and future culinarians.
Tactic 1B: Channel Communication- Work with national and state beef
council staff to identify accounts with limited or no direct, existing
relationship with beef in the Northeast region. Maintain existing
relationships with channel influencers through in-person meetings
whenever possible. Provide partners with materials available to promote
beef’s value proposition around nutrition, cut options, taste, convenience
and price. Attend industry influencer events, food shows and conferences
(when appropriate) to continue to promote beef’s value on the menu and
in the meat case. Maintain NEBPI website to serve as a tool for constant
partner reference.
Desired Outcome/Area of Focus: Health/Nutrition
Measurable objectives:
o Exhibit at a minimum of 5 key influencer groups’ annual meetings
and use an onsite survey to measure the effectiveness of the booth
in generating a change in attitude towards beef and/or their
likelihood to recommend beef. Family Physicians, Physician
Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Fitness Professionals, etc.).
o Continue to extend the National Nutrition Seminar Program for
nutrition speakers to state nutrition influencer associations through
providing a sponsored speaker for at least 2/3 of the nutrition
meetings we attend.
o Utilize a contact database for opinion surveys and e-newsletter
distribution among targeted influencers. Increase health influencer
contacts by 10% for FY 2014 (FY 2013 ~ 330)
o Build relationships with a minimum of 2 wellness coordinators to
supply nutrition materials to and/or present at their wellness
o Sponsor and exhibit at 1 to 2 athletic events and measure
consumer attitudes on beef. Keep the consumer’s favorable rating
of beef above 65% as measured by an onsite questionnaire.
o Reach a minimum of 2 million impressions at athletic events and
measure the cost per impression (CPI). Keep the CPI under $.04
for impressions made at athletic events.
Tactic 1C: Influencer Education- Seek out key health influencers and
medical professionals to effectively communicate beef’s nutrient density
through association meetings and organization partners. Develop deeper
relationships with these health influencers with the goal to provide nutrition
materials for influencer to educate patients. Seek to educate channel
partners through wellness programs in an effort to attend meetings or
provide materials for their employees.
Tactic 1D: Health Events- Reach health-conscious, active Millennials
through sports related expos. Make use of the National Beef Ambassador
Team and members of Team BEEF as first-party spokespersons’
regarding the positive health attributes of beef.
Desired Outcome/Area of Focus: Taste
Measurable objectives:
o Establish relationship with a minimum of 5 Northeast based
bloggers and partner to initiate 3 consumer contests/give-a-ways.
Track 1 month pre and post contest blog posts, achieve goal of a
10% increase in positive beef blog posts following contest.
o Organize at least 1 tasting event/cooking demonstration experience
with blogger group/social media influencers and achieve at least a
10% increase in positive beef blog posts one month following event
compared to one month prior.
o Establish benchmark for “Northeast Loves Beef” Facebook page
and Twitter account and add 5 new videos to the YouTube library.
o Through our social media campaigns, reach at least 1 million
o Offer 3 seasonal online-based retail promotions/interactive contests
to enhance consumer knowledge and understanding of beef’s
o Sponsor and exhibit at 1 to 2 cooking and entertaining events and
measure consumer attitudes on beef. Keep the consumer’s
favorable rating of beef above 65% as measured by an onsite
o Reach a minimum of 2 million impressions at cooking and
entertaining events and keep the Cost per Impression (CPI) under
Tactic 1E: Consumer Education- Seek out Northeast based older
Millennial “mommy” and “foodie” bloggers and partner with them to
develop blog content centered on delivering a consistent and enjoyable
beef eating experience. Coordinate contests and give-a-ways on blog
sites when appropriate. Organize tasting events, cooking demonstrations,
cut/cooking education initiatives specifically for bloggers and social media
influencers. Focus on “experiencing is believing” concept.
Tactic 1F: Millennial Engagement- Utilize social media tools to enhance
Millennial understanding of beef’s taste, appropriate cooking methods
specific to cut, grades and appealing seasonal recipes. Coordinate online
contests and partner with branded companies, retailers or restaurant
chains whenever possible.
Tactic 1G: Channel Promotions- Shift away from Northeast regional
specific printed in-store point-of-sale materials associated with seasonal
promotions and utilize the resources created by State Services when
available. Develop three online based seasonal promotions (New Years,
Summer Grilling, Fall Tailgating) for retail partners specifically located in
the Northeast region, target Millennials. Leverage online promotion
through retailer social media accounts, websites, and ad circulars. Offer
on-pack labels when appropriate. Design attractive and enticing contests
around each seasonal promotion as a means to encourage shoppers to
engage in a positive beef atmosphere centered on beef’s value through
nutritional density, price, versatility, convenience and taste. Seek out
opportunities to partner with SBC’s located in the Northeast region on veal
specific retail and/or foodservice based promotions.
Tactic 1H: Consumer Events- Reach older Millennial meal-time decision
makers at cooking and entertaining expos and events where the taste of
beef can be highlighted and consumer knowledge and understanding of
beef’s flavor profile can be enhanced.
B. Long Range Plan Core Strategy 2: Strengthen the Image of Beef and the Beef
Desired Outcome/Area of Focus: Transparency/Sustainability (Tell the Beef Story)
Measurable objectives:
o Conduct minimum of 3 influencer farm/plant tour immersion
experiences and achieve at least a 4 out of 5 on attendee tour
value survey. Goal of 20 attendees at each event.
o Create pre and post surveys for influencers at immersion events.
Increase the positive rating one level from pre-event to post-event.
o Establish relationship with at least 2 Northeast campus agricultural
organizations and partner to host 1 positive beef interactive
event/program with the goal to reach campus Millennials through
the event.
Tactic 2A: Transparency- Engage channel, health and industry
influencers in positive beef production immersion experiences such as
farm/plant tours to convey beef’s transparency and sustainability.
Coordinate online efforts to enhance beef’s image through social media
campaigns. Rapidly respond to the current and potential consumer
concerns which are present through the use of social media, e-newsletters
as well as our website.
Tactic 2B: Campus Engagement- Identify campus groups with a large
Millennial audience located in the Northeast region capable of sharing and
telling the positive beef production story and equip them with the tools
needed to do so.
A. Will all of the work detailed in this WP be completed by the end of the fiscal year?
If not, please provide an explanation.
B. Changes from FY 2013 Approved Program:
Shift Northeast specific printed in-store point-of-sale promotional materials toward
channel influencer immersion experiences.
Enhance “Northeast Loves Beef” social media tools.
Shift Nutrition/Health outreach away from only dieticians and more towards all key
health influencers.
Shift the target audience towards Millennials and mommy bloggers.
Outreach methods focus on building relationships through “experiences”
C. Subcontractor information (agencies, etc.): Streetmarc Advertising, Marketing &
Promotions, LLC. Gold Standard PR.
Name of proposed subcontractor:
D. Identify any relationships between this WP and projects previously funded by the
Operating Committee: Similar program requests have been funded in FY’s 2006-2013.
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