Application for the Honors College Study Abroad Scholarship

Application for the Honors College Study Abroad Scholarship
To be eligible for this scholarship, you must:
Complete the entire application;
Be a member of the Honors College and be a student in good standing as defined by the Honors College Student
Handbook as well as be a member of the Honors College for 2 full semesters.
Attach a list of expected program costs for the study abroad program in which you will be participating;
Attach a list of any other scholarships or financial aid you will receive while abroad, including amounts.
Students are not eligible to receive this scholarship during their first 2 semesters of academic work at TTU.
Student’s planning on studying abroad in their last semester must have completed all Honors requirements to be
eligible to receive the Honors College Study Abroad scholarship.
Please remember that any monies needed for deposits or other payments before the scholarship money is issued are the
student’s responsibility. While we attempt to accommodate program deadlines, no guarantees are made regarding when
specific payments will be issued. This scholarship is not paid directly to the study abroad program.
The program of study must either be an affiliated or reciprocal program with the university.
Honors College students that have already received this study abroad scholarship are eligible to apply
again, although selection preference will go to first time applicants.
ID number: ___________________________________ Today’s Date____________________________________________
Name: _________________________________________ TTU E-mail: __________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________City/State: __________________________ Zip: ___________
Year at TTU (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th) _________________ Major: __________________
Phone: (_____)_________________
When will you study abroad? (Circle all that apply and write in the year)
Spring ________________
Summer I ___________________
Summer II_____________________
Dates you will be abroad: ____________________________________________________________________________________________
Name of the study abroad program? _________________________________________________________________________________
How many hours will you take while abroad? What classes will you take?
Please list any classes you will have in a language other than English or any other opportunities you will have to use a
foreign language.
I certify that all the enclosed information is correct, and I authorize the Texas Tech University Honors College to access my
transcript, scholarship information, financial aid information, and other information pertinent to this scholarship. I
understand that if I am awarded this scholarship, and for any reason do not study abroad, that I must notify Janet Veal,
Scholarship Coordinator by phone at 742-1828, or in writing at [email protected], and return the scholarship if already
disbursed. If a member of the Honors College, I certify my intention to graduate with Honors or Highest Honors.
Signature of your study abroad representative (ICC or other appropriate departmental representative); this is required to
process your application.
Application is due March 1 for summer study, June 1 for fall study, and October 1 for spring study
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