LIFT Proposal Template

Longhorn Innovation Fund for Technology –
FY 2015-2016
Proposal for Innovation Funding
Cover Page Requirements
Total length of Cover Page should not exceed one page.
Provide a title for the proposal.
Requested Amount
List the total amount of money being requested.
List the college/school/unit(s) (CSUs) requesting funding. Multiple CSUs may collaborate and submit a
single proposal.
Space Requirements
Briefly describe whether the project would require additional space and, if so, where that space is
located. If the project requires additional space, submit a letter of support from the head of the CSU
providing the space.
Primary Participants
List the primary contacts for the project.
Email Address
1|L o n g h o r n I n n o v a t i o n f o r T e c h n o l o g y G r a n t P r o p o s a l
Project Description Requirements
Total length of Project Description should not exceed three pages but must include the following
Describe the problem, need, or opportunity that this project would address.
Innovation Level
Identify what is state-of-the-art or innovative about this project. Also include any similar initiatives at
peer institutions and how this project would differ.
Benefit to UT
Describe the benefit to students and researchers at UT. Explain how this project would be a competitive
advantage for the University. List potential adopters and anyone from whom you have commitment for
adoption. Include quantitative metrics such as the number of students and faculty who would benefit
from this project.
Scope of Project
Describe what is in and what is out of the scope of the project. Include brief description of how the
finished project will appear to users and beneficiaries.
Plan for Evaluating Success and Effectiveness
Explain the ways in which you will be able to determine whether the project is successful or effective,
including, but not limited to, the types of metrics established to assess the project. If the project is
chosen for funding from LIFT, the project team will be required to submit a final report upon project
Project Timeline and Milestones
Give a high-level timeline for the work of the project.
Sustainability Plan
If the project will take longer than one year to implement, explain the plan for sustaining the work in the
future and identify potential funding sources to continue project work. If the potential funding sources
come from a college, school, or unit (CSU) budget, include a letter of support from the CSU with the
2|L o n g h o r n I n n o v a t i o n f o r T e c h n o l o g y G r a n t P r o p o s a l
Budget Requirements
Provide the amount of funding being requested and breakdown by type. Total length of the Budget
Breakdown and Justification should not exceed one page. Please note that employment related fringe is
covered centrally and does not need to be included in the grant application. However, any tuition
waivers must be included in the grant budget and amount requested.
Budget Breakdown – SAMPLE
Cost Type
Amount Requested
A&P Salaries
Classified Salaries
$ 9,000
Maintenance and Operation
Materials and Supplies
$ 10,000
Scholarships (include the amount
$ 20,000
necessary to cover any tuition waiver)
Travel (limited to $5000)
$ 2,000
$ 6,000
(If participant support or other categories of funding are required, please add them to the table).
Document why you are requesting the amounts above.
Proposal Renewals
While LIFT is not intended to provide ongoing funding for any project after the initial award period, the
committee recognizes that some projects merit renewal. Projects previously funded through LIFT may
apply for additional funding on a one-time-only basis. Those who choose to reapply should be aware
that any renewal will be judged against new proposals and no more than half of the total funding dollars
will be allocated to proposal renewals.
Those seeking to renew funding through LIFT are required to complete supplemental proposal materials
metrics from the original proposal
documented efforts to receive external funding
a fully considered Sustainability Plan
a copy of the previous application
Requests for renewals of LIFT funding will be expected to achieve substantive new deliverables. Renewal
supplemental materials should be uploaded with the LIFT proposal at the time of submittal.
Check here if this is a proposal renewal
3|L o n g h o r n I n n o v a t i o n f o r T e c h n o l o g y G r a n t P r o p o s a l
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