Pen Donation Form - Marshall County Fair

Marshall County Fair Grounds
Livestock Pen Sponsorship
We are looking for sponsorships to help cover the cost of the new livestock pens and stalls. The
new pens for the hogs, sheep, and goats will be a 6×6 pen with a front gate. All panels will be a
vertical bar style with the front walk through gate having an overhead. Dairy tie stalls will consist
of two rows of tie stall panels that will make up a center tack alley.
Sponsors for the pens and tie stalls will have their names displayed on a permanent board to be
displayed in the respective barn.
Sponsorship Levels: Grand Champion: $1000 or more, Champion: $800-$999, Blue: $600$799, Red: $400-$599, White: $200- $399
Number of Pens
Livestock Pen Type
$/pen, unit
Hog Pen
Sheep/Goat Pen
Dairy Tie Stall (per 10 feet)
General Donation to Project
Grand Total
Name of Sponsor: _____________________________________________________
Sponsor contact information: Address______________________________________
Phone: _________________________________________
Email: __________________________________________
Please make Checks payable to: Marshall County Fair Association % Livestock Building Fund.
Please mail this form along with your payment to Marshall County Fair Association, PO Box 65,
Blue Rapids, KS 66411. For additional information you may contact:
Dan Matson 785-548-5284, [email protected];
Kevin Wessel 785-268-0602, [email protected]; or
Dan Schmidt 785-562-6685 [email protected]
Or visit our website
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