Examinations Information

Examination Timetables
• Your personal copy of the exam timetable will be
sent home before every exam session from now
• You should check your timetable and make sure
all exams you are sitting, including any resits
you have entered for, are included on it.
• If you think there are any mistakes on your
timetable you must see Miss Rheumer as soon
as possible.
• A copy of the whole school exam timetable is
displayed on the exam notice board outside the
Candidate Numbers
• Your candidate number is individual to you
and is written on the exam timetable that
was sent home recently.
• Your number will stay the same until you
leave JCG.
• Memorise your number and, when
required, fill it in carefully on the front of
your exam paper.
Seating Plans
• During each exam you will be seated at a
particular desk.
• On your desk there will be a card with your
name, candidate number and photograph
on it.
• It is important that you sit at the correct
• Morning exams start at 9.00am. You
should be outside the exam room by
• Afternoon exams start at 1.30pm. You
should be outside the exam room by
• If you are ill on the day of an exam, or you
are going to be late, you should phone the
school office on 516200 as soon as
possible to let them know.
• Make sure you have all of the equipment you
need for each exam, e.g. pen, pencil, rubber, ruler,
calculator (if allowed).
• You must write in black ball point pen. You must
not write in blue pen or pencil. You are not allowed
to use erasable pens or gel pens.
• Highlighter pens can be used on questions but not
on your answers.
• Tippex and ink eradicators are not allowed.
• Your equipment may be loose or in a see through
pencil case or plastic bag.
• Calculator lids are not allowed in the exam room.
• You must follow all examination regulations. A
copy of these regulations has been sent home.
• Failure to follow the regulations may result in
you being disqualified from all the examinations
in that session.
• You must enter the exam room in silence and
there must be no communicating with any other
student once you are in the room.
• Mobile phones must be switched off and left
outside the exam room. Cameras, ipods or any
other electrical device are also not allowed
inside the exam room.
• Water bottles are allowed in the exam
room but must have their labels removed.
• You must not have anything written on
your hands or arms.
• You must leave the exam room in silence;
there may be other students sitting longer
exams in the same room as you.
• In every exam there will be members of staff
• Go to the toilet before the exam but if you do need
to go during the exam raise your hand and an
invigilator will accompany you to the toilet.
• If you are concerned about anything or need
anything during the exam, do not look around or
attempt to communicate with other students. Raise
your hand and an invigilator will help you.
• It is too late to do anything after the exam is finished
so please make your concerns known at the time.
Special Consideration
• If something happens which may affect
your performance in your examinations –
illness, bereavement, etc – please make
sure that you inform Miss Rheumer as you
may qualify for special consideration.
Post-results services
20 September
Re-mark with copy of
20 September
Access to non-priority
copy of exam paper
4 October
Clerical check - (check
that no mistakes made
in adding up marks)
20 September
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