Jennie Case
English 1010
Case 1
October 9, 2011
The life lived.
Cemeteries, when some think of cemeteries, horrifying images come to mind. For others, peace.
Many people come and go, visiting loved ones who have gone. While in the cemetery most would say
it’s peaceful. It’s common sense not to scream or yell here, in order to give proper respect for those
whose bodies rest peacefully underground. The only extra sounds heard are from the places nearby: the
roaring sounds of trucks coming in and out of Winder Farms, the kids playing basketball whose houses
neighbor the cemetery, and the airplanes flying by. No matter what sounds I overheard, it just blended
into the peace of the cemetery. Just things couldn’t get peaceful enough birds begin chirping softy as if
to be singing a lullaby for those who lay there.
A family comes with three small children, as most children do; they were playing the grave stone
game. “Don’t step on the grave stones, they’ll come for you” says a little boy wearing a thick black
marshmallow coat. As they walk behind their parents through the field of endless grass. Once arriving to
the gravestone the children are thrilled to sweat the grass off. Standing around, the parents look at the
grave and talk, the children begin to play their game once again. As they bid a farewell they leave a fake
plant and a pumpkin sign. While walking back from their journey, the little boy in the black marshmallow
coat, trips his little sister, she gets upset while he laughs at his cunning ideas. Life goes on.
An older man sits next to a patch of yellow grass. The cut out rectangle piece of grass has not
healed into its surrounding grass. He cries and talks to the gravestone, brushing it with gentleness. He
Case 2
must have lost his wife not long ago. For the way he cries, it hasn’t been too long at all. It’s heart
wrenching to watch him cry in agony over his lost one. He leans in and kisses the gravestone. He gets in
his feet and slowly walks away from the gravestone. Looking back as his wife slowly disappears. Once in
the car he puts his head on the stearingwheel. After I while, after recovering he drives away. Life goes
As another man gets out of his KimBall Inc. company van, he walks to a grave. He walks to the
grave cleans it off and places a beautiful bouquet of purple flowers on the lawn. He gets on his knees
and starts to pray. Its remarkable how such as place as this can bring comfort and hope to so many
around. Crossing his arms looking at the ground he walks to his van and leaves the cemetery. Life goes
Many cars and lined up, people file out with bouquets of balloons. As a family gathers together
to celebrate a birthday of a lost one, they sing happy birthday then let all their balloons go. As the fly up
and away, the family cheerfully talks of her receiving them wherever she might be. Everyone has
traditions; whether it be letting balloons go, singing, , or just coming to sit and feel the presence of a
loved one. Each person comes in celebration of the life lived. It’s remarkable how people honor their
beloved lost loved ones! Thanks to the Winder’s family who funded this miraculous place in 1955,
people come and feel connected. It’s the final chapter to losing someone, laying safe and sound
underground, their life can go on.
As a child I remember coming here many times for my grandparents. I to would also play the
gravestone game. I have some of the best memories here with my family, singing grandpa’s favorite
Norwegian song and church songs. Grandma always tells us funny stories about the grandfather I never
knew. As we come as a family I felt close, as if I had known him. Once my grandparents on the other side
Case 3
past away, it was extremely hard to watch them lower the caskets. Shots were fired, each shot made
our bodies jump as we honored the veteran resting peacefully before us. We always joked
grandmothers casket was going to be a half coffin when she lost both her legs, due to amputation. As
the full body casket lay in front of us, thoughts of her and my grandfather ball room dancing, as they
loved to do, ran through my mind.
Flowers are placed everywhere, as far as the eye can see. As the sun shines down on my skin,
uncut grass and the flags wave in the wind I can still feel the presence of my grandparents. The
cemetery is amicable. It and brings great amenity to those in need. It is a place to come and reflect on a
loved one’s life. From losing a spouse, mother, grandmother, best friend, or child; it’s a great place to
come in recognition of great a person who has touched each life for good. My favorite time to visit is
during Christmas on each grave a candle is lit. It’s remarkable to drive through and look at the bright,
flickering lights as they glisten on the powder snow. Once again, peace fills the air, with hope. Life goes
It brings such reconciliation to my soul knowing this isn’t the end. There’s something better to
look forward too. As I imagine my body peacefully resting somewhere, I know I’ll be greeted by the ones
who have passed on before me. Welcoming me with hugs and kisses. As my children and grandchildren
come to my grave I know they will feel my presence as I have felt my grandparents. I release my legs
have gone numb, as I stand to my feet, bidding my grandparents resting place a farewell, I walk to my
car. My life goes on.