Master Class with Alison O`Donoghue Presented by Oregon Art

Master Class with Alison O’Donoghue
Presented by Oregon Art Education Association
Hosted by Wilsonville High School Fine Art
Saturday, October 25, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Wilsonville High School, 2-D Studio
Alison O'Donoghue will give an artist talk and demonstrate her techniques and
thought processes. The rest of the day will be dedicated to studio work by participants,
focusing on folk art influences and formal design issues that Alison addresses in her own
work. Alison will circulate through the studio and provide guidance and critique. A
materials list of what participants should bring to the class appears below.
Limited to 25 spots!
To reserve yours, email Christopher Shotola-Hardt: [email protected]
OAEA Members: $10
Non-Members: $25
Make check out to OAEA, send to Christopher Shotola-Hardt, Wilsonville High School,
6800 SW Wilsonville Rd., Wilsonville, OR 97070). Include OAEA/NAEA member number and
renewal date on check.
Alison O'Donoghue is a native of Portland, Oregon. Moving often while growing up,
she spent a lot of alone time as a teenager making collages from magazine cuttings,
drawing, and solving jigsaw puzzles to satisfy her creative mind.
Alison attended Pacific NW College of Art in the 1980s. Although she was a painting major,
her thesis presentation focused on assemblage, wooden sculptures and wall pieces.
In 1987, Alison began showing in Portland galleries, continuing with wooden sculptures and
oil paintings. In the 1990s she developed a new approach to painting: images of life with
themes of family, human events, animals and nature began to emerge into larger paintings.
Sometimes these images would be positive and supportive while other themes would portray
a more sinister and the darker side of life.
Alison's intricate line drawings of overlapping figures and shapes, fondness for patterns and
puzzles, and a desire for balance of positive and negative space, all speak to an instinctive
necessity for order within her painted worlds. These factors direct her paintings toward an
interconnecting world of vibrant imagery from daily life as well as the impossible.
Artist Statement
I draw my imagery from the well of my experiences and visual notes I have taken. I remind
myself to trust in the process and that I will find my way through what can feel like a sense of
not knowing, even chaos. I aim to follow it through to something in the imagery and layers of
paint that feels familiar and right. What may seem to be a 'bad direction' becomes a layer in
the story, adding richness and visual history. Stories and characters rise up from my
subconscious and make themselves known. I find myself uncovering issues from my life to
process and learn more about. I find myself creating humorous situations that amuse me.
Sometimes I learn what is going on in my life on a deeper level from the process of making a
painting, in a similar way that dreams inform us. I have never-ending fun with shapes and
pattern, as I encourage the painting to become a balanced and interactive world.
Art Materials List:
• Primed board - square or rectangle between 12"x12" and 20"x20"
(primed with black gesso)
• One WHITE water-soluble colored pencil. Be sure it's water-soluble!
• Acrylic paints - any color assortment you like as long as you include black and
• Also 2 to 4 colors acrylic paints that are transparent for washes--these can be
liquid or heavy body paint.
Reds, yellows, golden browns, browns, and greens are good options, as long as
they are truly transparent.
• Brushes: 3 or 4 assorted brushes of your choice, including a smaller round
brush that comes to a nice point and a flat brush for covering larger areas.
• Absorbent rags, or old 100% cotton t shirt, which you can cut up before or
during class.
• Polymer varnish, glossy or satin (optional)
What else to bring:
Everyone brings some eats and beverages to contribute to the snack and lunch
table. While we schedule a break for lunch, many teachers choose to stay in and
paint. Christopher will provide pots of coffee.
Directions to the school:
Christopher will provide additional info like this when you email him to reserve
your roster spot.