Wesley College Alumni Association Spring Board Meeting

Wesley College Alumni Association Spring Board Meeting
March 24, 2007
I. Welcome and call to order – Dan Kimmel
Members Attending:
Dan Kimmel, President
Tom Leary
Stephanie Smith Christiano
Richard Bradley
Dave Maxwell
Tammy Antanaitis
Barry Hawlk
Lynn Knable
Anne Buckler
Also attending:
Amanda Downes, Director of Alumni Affairs
Blessing – Lynn Knable
Agenda Review – Dan Kimmel
II. Approval of August 2006 meeting minutes
Review of minutes- Dan Kimmel
Motion to accept minutes- Tom Leary
Seconded- Stephanie Smith Christiano
Motion carried, minutes approved
III Alumni Board Treasurers Report - Tammy Antanaitis, Treasurer
Homecoming Alumni Association auction provided:
3 more scholarships this year
books (life after school explained)distributed at graduation vs. water bottles and a pen
Kevin Loftus has budgeted $3,000 to assist with Dr. Nielson’s production of a dvd tracing the traditions
that were prevalent at Wesley when it was a two year institution to bridge Wesley’s transition to a four
year college. Dr. Nielson will submit a budget before the end of the 2007 fiscal year.
Tom Leary discussed the Esther Keith and Thomas Keith Scholarships housed at Edward Jones.
Additional discussion led to Stephanie Smith-Christiano asking if the $9,500 Wells fund could be moved to
Edward Jones. The motion to allow Tom Leary to contact Eric Nelson about this possibility was submitted
by Anne Buckler and seconded by Tammy Antanaitis.
Tom Leary motioned that the Treasurer’s Report be approved. Debbie Kenton seconded. Motion carried,
minutes approved.
IV. Office of Alumni Affairs Report – Amanda Downes
The online community was launched in October, 2006
over 600 Alum joined within 20 days
steady growth to over 900
e-mail marketing use:
post Homecoming info and e-mail
photo albums
Career Center module
job search/posting
useful to both recent grads and alum
January commencement
promo to new grads w/ login incentive
Upcoming Wesley magazine
ID # on mailing label
postage savings
target special areas
survey capability
reporting mechanism
gauge interest
gather correct mailing addresses
provide feedback
Parent Committee
inaugurated September 16th
included 16 alumni and current parents
good feedback to better student experiences
Parents’ Panel for incoming families
good feedback from 2006
feedback suggestions will be used when planning 2007
Homecoming parade permit was approved
scheduled this year for October 5-7
web publicity to include info relative to
special activities
“save the date” magnet will be mailed out during the summer
Alumni Activities
February activities – Philadelphia Phantoms
Blue Rocks- June 16
Shore Birds- August 6
Commencement Weekend May 5, 2007
Alum Board Meeting scheduled for August 6, 2007, 10 a.m.
Dan Kimmel asked how labor intensive the online community is.
Amanda’s response- Tee McDermott has taken it on as part of her career development program;
wants to do the mentoring portion
data mining- IModules update by staff access; looking into getting a Plug In for auto reporting
content responsibility distributed among the Alumni Office staff
will be distributing the College President’s e-newsletter to make it more dynamic (data feedback) as
well as partnering with the Wolverine Weekly
V. Breakout Sessions report
Social Committee
Homecoming Parade- Amanda organizing
Football gameFamily activities not as well attended as expected; need to promote more, perhaps through
Wesley Today and Homecoming section of Online Community
Look into providing
Discussion followed. Result: Tom Leary motioned that up to $700 of $2,500 allocated for
Homecoming be approved for use for the “Kid’s Corner.” Tammy Antanaitis seconded.
Motion carried. Budget of $700 approved for entertainment and activities related to “Kid’s
Silent Auction and Dinner
To be held in the dining area of the Sheraton
Jerry Kobasa should be contacted
Have a “50/50”
Hard items only, no gift certificates
Dave Maxwell suggested cutting Happy Hour down to extend festivities and to dispense with
the band and d.j.’s at the end. General agreement that the music seemed to disperse the
gathering. Dave suggested requesting a portable bar to allow people to linger in the dining
area and promote social interaction.
Alum Socials
Suggestions for future events:
Broadway show trip
Crab feast in Cape May- Delaware alum could go over on the Ferry to Jersey and tour
Cape May. The following year, the feast could be held in Delaware to alternate the
event’s location.
Dan shared this year’s commencement incentive- life after school explained, a book which
guides the graduates through the process of entering their careers and living on their own. The cover
will be personalized with “Wesley- A gift from the Alumni Association” and a letter from the Alumni
Association’s president (Dan) will be imprinted on the inside cover. The back of the cover will feature
a picture of the Alumni House and show the address and phone number of the Alum Assoc. office.
Discussion: What are some effective ways to reach out to the seniors before graduation day. Ideas
centered around establishing relationships with the students from the time they are freshman at
orientation and continuing across their college experience. It would be nice to host a special event to
honor the seniors, but cost concerns relative to the more-than-likely poor attendance of such an
activity at this time outweigh the benefit. Perhaps, in the future, if the seniors have an existing
relationship with the Alumni Association, they will be more likely to attend and benefit from a
recognition activity. Conclusion: This is an area for continued study. Perhaps a start would be to
sponsor a job fair.
Nominating Committee
Five candidates including 4 athletes. They are:
Rev Dale Pruett ‘59
James Steene ’93 (baseball and football)
Shana Purnell ’00 (field hockey)
Jeanie Donofrio ’01 (field hockey)
In reserve- Rich Taglang ’70 (football)
Dave Maxwell commented that there is not enough diversity in the variety of sports
honorees. He asserted that diversity will bring back more people.
Tammy Antanaitis- there are not enough candidates. Suggestions and comments:
Use website
Amend by-laws to allow a max of 3 alumni and 3 athletic Hall of Famers
Have to amend this year- March 1st, nominations closed. There is a committee to
work with the rules. Defer to the committee to write an amendment and bring to the
Board in August for a total of 6 inductees (alumni and/or sports). Motion to amend.
Seconded. Carried.
Recommendation: at end of each year, each coach should record the Athlete of the
Year and send to Alum Association for future reference.
Stephanie recommended using the Golf Tournament.
Alumni Association Board nominating eventDan read a draft letter notifying alumni that the Board is hoping to expand from 15 to 20
members. This letter is to be sent by e-mail. Dan will take the opportunity to also publicize
the website.
Kirstin Higgins is currently a candidate. Tom Spang declined.
Assignment and comments:
Read the by-laws to see about by-laws changes
Letter has to be sent out by June 5
By-laws can not be amended until the Annual Meeting and must have a 2/3 attendance
Stephanie will read and interpret, then send out a note to Board
Adjournment 11:30 a.m.
Minutes prepared by Lynn Schmid Knable, Secretary