A. Go through your course outline which is online. B. Choose a topic

A. Go through your course outline which is online.
B. Choose a topic and prepare quality notes and come up with tutorial questions not more than five..
submit a soft copy to [email protected] ( within 7 days)
C. Be ready to present your well researched paper to the class
D. Remember to think industrial and give relevant Zimbabwean examples.
Question on industrial analysis.
The Industry Analysis is a group project. You select your groups. The final outcome is
a professionally organised and formatted report on an industry that markets goods to
other businesses or organisations.
The Industry Analysis consists of a detailed discussion of the environment in which
the industrial firm operates including analysis of business customers, competition,
channel (supply chain) and controls (regulation). The environment you will discuss
will be specific to the business marketing industry that your group chooses. An
internal analysis of one particular company within this industry will also be included.
Broad Outline for Industry Analysis
1.Executive summary (5)
2.Competitive Environment (20)
Define product market
Analyse all sources of competition (Porter) -Specifically address competitive intensity
Identify competitive dynamics
Identify top direct competitors (approximately three) -Describe market positioning
Sustainable competitive advantages of each
Provide market share on top competitors/others
Identify the overall demand forecast
Report major industry trends (e.g., technology, integration…)
Report on major threats and opportunities relative to competitors.
3.Customer Environment (20)
Identify the segmentation scheme used. Evaluate the basis used with criteria.
Describe contact segmentation – how are business customers communicated
Analyse key customer relationships (e.g., partners, national accounts)
Report trends in the customer environment (value, needs, purchase and
Provide a demand forecast & breakdown by segment.
Identify opportunities and threats relative to the customers.
4. Channel Environment (20)
Diagram (visual) and discuss the supply chain
Report on power sources and analyze the balance of power
Describe key distributor/facilitator relationships
Analyze use of E-commerce
Identify technology changes in logistics
Identify important channel trends
Identify opportunities & threats relevant to the supply chain
5. Controls Environment (20)
Identify the impact of any regulation/deregulation issues
Report on the effect of any new regulation
Describe any assistance/support programs
Identify and describe the impact of environmental issues
Identify and describe the impact of other social/political issues
Identify any emerging ethical issues and their potential effect on the
Identify opportunities & threats relevant to the control environment
6.Company Environment
It should be the company in the industry discussed.
Total marks 100
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