"Cities of Tomorrow: visions and models"

"Cities of Tomorrow: visions and models"
25-26 October 2010
Brno City Strategy
The city of Brno has a clear vision of its economic future. It intends to build its with higher
added value, such as biotechnology, primarily biomedicine (so-called life-science), instrument
technology and information and communication technology. All important city projects are
linked with the strategy, city budget and action plan
City Economic Development Policy
KERM (Czech abbreviation standing for City Economic Development Policy) based on the
Strategy for Brno acknowledges the importance of global competitiveness as a fundamental
concept of modern economic basis of the city. In this respect, it follows the previously defined
strategic principle of progressive transition from industrial economy to knowledge economy.
Brno will therefore make full use of its unique predispositions. Competitiveness of cities is
generally described and evaluated by factors of competitiveness. The theory provides various
sets of factors; a modified – generalized set was created for the purposes of KERM.
Moreover, each given factor was, within discussions in expert groups, analyzed for the
possibility of public intervention and its type. That is, in what way should the city of Brno
stimulate individual factors in order for its competitiveness to continue to grow.
Regional Innovation Strategy 3
Vision: South Moravian Region will rank
among first fifty innovative regions in
Europe in 2013.